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The CD set of The Conservative Caucus' 2006 Commemoration of Constitution Day is available.  Don't miss these dynamic speakers and the opportunity to learn more about the great Constitution which protects our liberty.  The 2006 Constitution Day event was held September 16 in the Nation's Capital and was seen nationwide on C-SPAN.  More details.

Order a set today for yourself; and why not also order a set for students, teachers, home schoolers, soldiers, or friends who love and defend our nation and cherish it's freedoms.  Great Christmas gift!

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  CD 1 Introductory remarks by Howard Phillips; Dr. John Eidsmoe: "The Ten Commandments and American Jurisprudence" 


  CD 2

TCC Administrative Vice Chairman Charles Orndorff: "Voting Rights for Washington, D.C. in the House of Representatives"



  CD 3

Presentation by Howard Phillips of the 2006 Andrew Jackson “Champion of Liberty” Award to Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly; Remarks by Phyllis Schlafly



  CD 4

Louis Ingram, Esq. “A Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution, What It Really Says"



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  Entire set of four 2006 CDs - $19.95
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