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The Conservative Caucus has been a leading voice for conservatives for decades, helping to shape policy on a wide range of issues.

Here are some of the issues we have been involved in over the years:

Foreign Policy, Defense

The Panama Canal, Red China Military, Red China Trade, Cox Committee Report, United Nations, Stop Illegal Immigration, Border Security, Angola, U.S.-NATO Kosovo Attack, International Criminal Court, US Subsidies to UN, Clinton/GOP Defense Cuts, Stop the UN Law of the Sea Treaty.

Freedom, Society & Tyranny

The Right to Life, Elian & Federal Police Powers, Federal Police, Gun Grabbers, Homosexual Agenda, Abolish Legal Services, Executive Orders, Assault on America, Ballot Access, The Internet in China-A Tool for Freedom or Suppression?

Government, Voting Records

Congressional Voting Records, Hillary Watch, China PNTR Votes, GOP Leadership, GOP Betrays Conservatives, Impeachment, Impeachment Votes, Presidential Candidate Questionnaire, 43 Questions for Congressional Candidates, E-Mail Addresses


IMF/World Bank, Federal Reserve, Red China Trade, Outrageous 2000 Budget, The Euro, 1999 Budget "Deal", Microsoft

The National Debt Clock

national debt

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