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The Death Tax

Imagine being faced with the death of a family member or relative; only to find the government wants to confiscate more than half of their estate.

That means houses, life savings, farms, family businesses all must be sold just to pay the taxes, leaving the family broke and without the family business to provide a living. In short it is a scheme to make Americans less self-reliant and to punish the most hard-working Americans.


Unfortunately Congress many years ago followed Lenin's dictates in the Communist Manifesto and enacted a confiscatory death tax,. However, under President Bush, Congress passed a temporary repeal for 2010 only. At the of that year Congress passed a return to the Death Tax in the Lame Duck session; but we must insist on a complete repeal.

We CAN take action now to make permanent the repeal of the death tax.  Millions of Americans and small family businesses will be greatly punished now that the death tax rate was hiked dramatically in 2011 and again in 2013. With your help we can spare families these taxes and save their savings, farms and businesses.

Your help can make this happen.

Four bills have been introduced in the 113th Congress to repeal the Death Tax.  They are HR 147, HR 177, HR 483, and HR 782.  Encourage your representative to cosponsor these bills.

It is also possible that the major tax reform bill being prepared by Sen. Max Baucus and Rep. Dave Camp, the Chairmen of the two tax-writing committees, might include the repeal of the Death Tax.  TCC has encouraged both Baucus and Camp to put this in the bill.

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