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Illegal Immigration

Arizona's immigration law was just the beginning of a new movement: the states are being forced to do what the Feds refuse to do. Americans are fed up with unlimited illegal immigration and the resulting crime, murders, drug smuggling, human smuggling, Mexican drug gangs, and illegals costing taxpayers billions in health, police and other services. Terrorists could also have unlimited access to the US through our undefended border.


Unemployed Americans are fed up with millions of illegal immigrants taking their jobs and driving down American wages.

President Obama refuses to enforce immigration laws and to build the full fence, and is still determined to pass amnesty so millions more illegals will be rewarded for walking across the open border.

Amnesty must be defeated!  Unfortunately, Republicans such as Senators Rubio, McCain, Graham, and Flake are still pushing a "compromise" that would give Obama nearly everything he wants.  House GOP leaders have also shown signs of seeking of compromise, starting with passage of the DREAM Act.

The House of Representatives is the key point at this moment.  The House should refuse to take up the Senate-passed bill (S. 744), which is unconstitutional since it includes provisions to raise revenue (such bills must start inthe House, not the Senate).  The House should also refuse to pass any bill which might, in conference committee with the Senate, be turned into something like the Senate's amnesty bill.  House members are being told they must "do something", which plays into the hands of Obama and the Senate.  Your representative needs to know that you want him to vote for nothing which might lead to the passage of amnesty.

Your Senators also need to hear from you, especially the Replicans who voted for the Senate amnesty bill.  The Senate may well get another chance to vote this year, and we need to persuade some of those who voted for S. 744 to take a strong anti-amnesty position.

Make it an issue; ask elected officials during rallies, parades, and town hall meetings. Write letters to the editor, call talk shows, blog it and email your friends!

The protests of 2006 and 2007 rallied opposition to amnesty, and defeated it.  We repeated that success in 2013.  We can do it again in 2014, but we must work just as hard as we did then.


You can help by contacting your representative and senators, asking them to oppose amnesty. 



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