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Howard Phillips is the Chairman and Founder of The Conservative Caucus (TCC) and is a 1962 graduate of Harvard College; a founding board member of Young Americans for Freedom; acting Executive Director, President's Council on Youth Opportunity, 1969 to 1970; Director, U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity, 1973; and Chairman of TCC, 1974 to present.

Mr. Phillips’ legendary depth of experience and passion for American independence will be a hit with your audience and readers. He is a veteran of decades of media interviews and a dynamic, inspirational public speaker.

Howard Phillips on ABC-TV
in New Orleans

Howard Phillips
News Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico

Howard Phillips Interviewed
by Bret Baier of Fox News
at 2007 Presidential Summit

Media: Mr. Phillips is available for news interviews, radio shows, speaking events and more. You are invited to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and to send us an email to be placed on our media list. Radio producers are invited to book short or long interviews of great interest to your listeners; Mr. Phillips is happy to field calls.

Media Contacts:

TCC Policy Staff are available for interviews and information:

  • Charles Orndorff: Administrative Vice Chairman and Constitutional scholar. Issues include balanced budget amendments, constitutional budgets, DC voting rights/statehood, early US/revolutionary history.
  • Art Harman: Legislative Policy Analyst specializing in issues including NASA/space, trade, China, American manufacturing; as well as producer of Conservative Roundtable.


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TCC Board of Directors:

  • Howard Phillips, Chairman
  • William E. Potter, Secretary
  • Darrell Castle, Esq. Treasurer
  • James N. Clymer, Esq.
  • Dr. William Campbell Douglass II
  • Del. Robert Marshall (VA)
  • Marc Morano
  • Robert J. Renaud
  • Mark A. Weaver

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