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More info on Communist Angola, UNITA and Dr. Savimbi


Dr. Jonas Savimbi was a great Angolan patriot, truly a man who served as a loving, self-sacrificing father to those of his countrymen who shared his love of freedom and who were willing to die to escape the bonds of Portuguese colonialism and Communist tyranny.

In the war against Soviet imperialism America had no more faithful and courageous ally.

Unfortunately, many Americans betrayed Savimbi’s heroic friendship – – – Chevron and other oil companies and their minions in the top ranks of both major political parties degraded themselves for filthy lucre, even consenting to have their employees in Angola guarded by Fidel Castro’s Cuban Communist troops.

At the State Department, Ronald Reagan’s Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, Chester Crocker, consistently strove to undercut the Reagan Doctrine and to undermine Dr. Savimbi’s UNITA freedom fighters.

Herman Cohen who, under George Bush the elder, succeeded Crocker as Assistant Secretary for Africa, was such a despicable traitor to the cause of freedom and to America’s national interests that he hired himself out as a foreign agent to the Leninist tyrants who still rule in Luanda, Angola.

In 1992, Savimbi won a popular election, which victory was stolen from him even more blatantly than Mayor Daley stole Illinois for John F. Kennedy in 1960.

On September 27, 1993, Bill Clinton issued an Executive Order and sent a message to Congress which asserted "I have exercised my statutory authority to declare a national emergency with respect to the actions and policies of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (‘UNITA’)…. These actions are mandated in part by United Nations Security Council Resolution No. 864 of September 13, 1993."

Disgracefully, on September 24, 2001, George Bush the younger extended Clinton’s outrageous Executive Order, demonstrating that, while the names of the players change, nonetheless, under both Democratic and Republican governance, considerations of commercial profit override commitments to liberty, or, indeed, to the larger national interest.

G.W. Bush’s affirmation of the Crocker-Cohen-Clinton policy concerning Angola was a signal to the assassins who hold power in Luanda that, while pro-Communist terrorist Yasser Arafat enjoys the protection of the U.S. government, the anti-Communist hero Jonas Savimbi was fair game.

No word of caution or indication of concern issued from either the White House or Foggy Bottom, despite repeated statements of the Jose Eduardo dos Santos’s government that the murder of Dr. Savimbi was its prime strategic objective, necessary to the consolidation of power by its corrupt Leninist tyranny.

Thus, with no fear of rebuke from those who govern the New World Order of socially respectable international opinion, the Angolan Reds targeted Dr. Savimbi to be hunted down and murdered.

His death is a tragic loss.

His blood is on the hands of the government of the United States, as well as on the hands of the Angolan gangster government which directly gave the orders.

If President Bush meets on Tuesday with Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the President of Angola, as is now planned, within days of the murder of Dr. Savimbi, it will be a grievous, unforgettable insult to all Americans who are grateful for the sacrifices Dr. Savimbi made throughout his life and for the extraordinary assistance he provided to freedom’s cause at a crucial time in America’s epochal struggle with international Communism.

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