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Democrats are joining Republicans to stop some of Obama's global warming regulations.
Slightly more than half of House Republicans joined with all but one Democrat to revive the Export-Import Bank, which provides government subsidies to such "small businesses" as GE, Boeing, and Intel. Read More
A new study shows that the Washington, DC area is a great place to earn enough money to become wealthy, which is no suprise to the taxpayers who foot the bill for much of that wealth.  Also no surprise is that despite all that money, many DC residents have plunged deeply into debt, just like th... Read More
Jay Cost and Randy Barnett recommend a compromise to keep the filibuster, but with more limitations.
The Pentagon and other national security leaders in the Obama administration know that the President's policy toward ISIS has failed and want him to accept changes. Read More
In his final days as Speaker, John Boehner is surrendering to President Obama's demand for an increase in spending well above the 2011 and 2013 budget agreements. Read More
Unanimous Democrats were joined by 62 Republicans in support of the Export-Import Bank, which provides government subsidies to such corporations as Boeing, Intel, and General Electric.  The vote on bringing the bill to the floor virtually guarantees that it will be voted on and passed.http://bl... Read More
ObamaCare policies are too expensive for many of the people they were supposed to serve, and despite the high payments, in many cases the insurance companies are losing money.  ObamaCare is an unsustainable program. Read More
The Justice Department will not prosecute anyone at the IRS for targeting conservative groups, saying that the attack on conservatives violated no law.
Evidence presented as yesterday's committee hearing showed conclusively that the Obama administration knew that there had been a terrorist attack on Benghazi and tried to conceal that fact by claiming that it had started as a protest demonstration against a video. Read More


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