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Remember these spending items the next time someone in Congress says that there is nothing left to cut from the budget. Read More
Joseph Curl of The Washington Times comments on Obama's slow and ineffective response to the Ebola threat.
Members of Congress and their staff having been receiving employer subsidies for their health care, although the law specifically prohibits any such subsidies for policies purchased on an ObamaCare exchange. Read More
Public approval of the Democratic Party is the lowest it has been since the Washington Post/ABC poll began asking the question in 1984.
A USA Today Poll shows that voters are coming to realize that it was a mistake to vote for Obama.
Another dozen states are about to obey the rules of ObamaCare, ending policies that some people would prefer to keep.
Conservative Senators are calling on the House to take the lead in stopping ObamaCare's insurance company bailouts during the lame-duck session.
Only 16% of Americans in this poll claimed that ObamaCare had helped them.  Another key finding is that ObamaCare is not becoming more popular as people experience its effects.
Is Obama Another Nixon?ByPeter J. Thomas and Charles Orndorff           Liberal critics of the House lawsuit against President Obama have repeatedly claimed that the Federal courts should not and will not intervene to decide whether President Obama’s... Read More
Victor Hansen Davis makes the case that Obama's scandals are worse than those of President Warren Harding.


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