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Sen. Ted Cruz has pointed out the obvious truth about funding the Department of Homeland Security - only Democrats stand in the way of funding.  The House passed a funding bill, 53 Senate Republicans have voted in support.  If not for a Democratic filibuster and Obama's veto threat, fundin... Read More
Michael McConnell reviews the judicial ruling that blocked implementation of Obama's latest amnesty program.
Intense conservative pressure has prevented even Senate Majority Leader McConnell from giving in to Obama on amnesty.  Now conservatives must keep that pressure on Congress, and not allow the judicial ruling to become an excuse for passing a pro-amnesty bill funding the Department of Homeland S... Read More
The Obama administration has suspended implementation of the amnesty program that the President announced after last year's elections.
A Federal judge has temporarily blocked President Obama from proceeding with his amnesty program.  However, he has not ruled on the merits of the case, and even this ruling could be overturned by the Appeals Court.  Republicans in Congress must not be allowed to use this as an excuse to pa... Read More
Ashton Carter was confirmed as Secretary of Defense, with only five Republicans voting against him, after he promised to be an independent voice on military matters rather than a mouthpiece for the President.  Now the question is whether he will keep that promise, or make those who voted for hi... Read More
As members of Congress examine Obama's request to use military force, criticism is mounting.
President Obama has put Congress on the spot by finally making a formal request for approval of the war against the Islamic State.  Now Congress can no longer dodge their constitutional responsibility.  It is vitally important that Congress conduct extensive hearings followed by a full deb... Read More
Republican Senator Mark Kirk has announced that he is ready to vote with the Democrats, allowing Obama's amnesty programs to continue.  However, other news reports suggest that the Senate GOP leadership may not be willing to give in unless the House leads the way.  A February 27 "shutdown"... Read More
The Senate Republican leadership has been talking as if they are ready to accept the Democrats' demand to provide funding for amnesty.


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