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Even the liberal Washington Post understands that Obama's timid policy against the Islamic State will never get the job done.
Republican congressional leaders pulled out all the stops to push through a bill allowing Obama to negotiate a trade deal that could not be amended.  Now they find that they don't like his agreement and wish they could amend it.  Will they ever learn to stop trusting Obama?http://thehill.c... Read More
Unfolding events prove that Obama's policy and promised regarding ISIS cannot be defended. Read More
Experts doubt that Obama can close the prison at Guantanamo in definance of a law passed by Congress.
Running on a promise to repeal ObamaCare helped elect many Republican Senators, but now some are getting cold feet at the thought of voting to take away this latest welfare handout.
House liberals hope that new Speaker Paul Ryan will help their campaign to silence the political speech of conservatives.  Given Ryan's previous comment in a committee hearing that the First Amendment is a "problem" that Congress needs to overcome, they may be right. Read More
An Appeals Court overturned a lower court's order to stop NSA spying, but legislation passed by Congress will soon put limits on the NSA's activities.
Democrats are on board when it comes to repealing a tax which is a key part of ObamaCare.
The Senate parliamentarian has confirmed that the reconciliation bill which includes the repeal of much of ObamaCare does not violate Senate rules.
The Senate reconciliation bill will repeal more of ObamaCare than the House version.


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