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A House committee report provides detailed information on the way that ObamaCare spent money never appropriated by Congress.
Climate scientist Bjorn Lomborg has this critique of the Obama anti-energy plan.
KennethTimmerman points out important facts in the Benghazi report.
James Robbins asks why the Islamic State is doing so well if it is losing, as Obama claims.
Julian Hattem reviews what was discovered by the Benghazi Committee.
Reps. Mike Pompeo and Jim Jordan have revealed information that was left out of the majority and minority reports on Benghazi. Read More
Stephen Hayes has a preview of the Bengahzi report about to be released.  
Paul Ryan has talked about the need for Congress to file suit against executive branch usurpation, but he is strangely unwilling to actually file a lawsuit to defend the Constitution. Read More
Stephen Hayes reviews Obama's incredible failure to recognize the Islamic motives of terrorists.
Liberals think they we can solve our nation's problems if we just ignore the Constitution.


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