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John Boehner explains why the House had no choice but to go to court in hopes of making President Obama break the law.
The Wall Street Journal discusses the FBI's curious role in the IRS email scandal.
Even liberals are beginning to talk about getting rid of the employer mandate.  If that goes, basic fairness would seem to require eliminating the individaul mandate as well.
Jonathan Turley has some sympathy for Justice Department lawyers who are "being hammered in federal courts over sweeping new interpretations and unilateral executive actions" by Obama, but he has no sympathy for the President who "pledged to take unilateral action to circumvent Congress in front of... Read More
As expected, the implementation of ObamaCare is leading to a shift from full-time to part-time jobs.
ObamaCare is bringing to America yet another feature of socialized medicine - long waiting times.
Despite enormous pressure from Big Media, Speaker John Boehner continues to stand firm on the necessity of a House lawsuit against the President's illegal actions.
Big Government and Big Business have always shown a tendency to be allies.  As the Republican Party moves to the right and opposes corporate welfare, the liberal Democrats are more openly becoming the party of Big Business. Read More
The flood of illegal immigrants, especially children, has been a public relations disaster for Obama's push for amnesty.  The President is now talking tough, insisting that he will begin deporting these illegals.  Will he follow through?  Will the pro-amnesty GOP leadership hold him a... Read More
An analysis of primary turnout shows a trend that is more favorable to Republicans than even  2010.  It appears that Obama and Reid have done a fine job of convincing voters that liberals don't have the answers to America's problems.


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