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The DC Court of Appeals has ruled that the Federal government cannot continue providing illegal subsidies to people who buy ObamaCare through the Federal exchange. 
John Sununu predicts how Congress will react to the crisis on the Mexican border.
Robert Merry sums up why the US must do something about the increasing flood of illegal aliens.
Among Lerner's surviving emails is one which shows her concern that a congressional investigation might discover evidence of IRS misconduct, if her messages were being saved.
Yesterday the House Rules Committee held a hearing on the proposed lawsuit against President Obama's illegal actions.  The prepared statements of the witnesses can be found on the Committee's website. 
Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal reviews polls that show public opinion on immmigration is more favorable to conservatives than the media will admit.
The House is moving quickly to amend the law being exploited by illegal aliens, and may finish their work next week.  However, Senate Democrats are expressing strong opposition, and Sen. Harkin has promied that he will not let the House bill pass. Read More
A new front has opened in the VA scandal
Aaron Blake of the Washington Post notes a poll showing that ObamaCare seems to be getting even more unpopular, and is a significant danger for Democratic candidates.
Republican Congressman are working on their own legislation to deal with the massive influx of illegal aliens, rather than accept President Obama's weak proposal.


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