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M. Stanton Evans, a founder of the modern conservative movement, died this week.Evans was the chief author of the Sharon Statement, the founding principles of Young Americans for Freedom, in 1960 (a meeting also attended by ACL/TCC founder Howard Phillips).  He was the author of many influentia... Read More
The House committee investigating the Benghazi murders has issued a subpoena for the emails hidden by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her private email account. Read More
In clear violation of the law, officials at the Veterans Administration took money appropriated for one purpose and spent it on what they wanted. Read More
Why did Hillary Clinton not use an official government email account?  What was she trying to hide?
Today the Supreme Court hears arguents in a case challenging Obama's decision to grant subsidies to people who do not qualify under the law. Read More
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has joined the new Secretary of Defense is publicly disagreeing with Obama's policy of denying weapons to the government of Ukraine.  Obama has been unwilling to provide the sort of aid needed by Ukraine to defend itself against Russian aggression.http:... Read More
Speaker John Boehner moved quickly this week to get the House to approve Obama's amnesty, and he acted in the face of opposition from more than two-thirds of Republicans.  The bill passed with unanimous Democratic support, while Republicans voted no by 167-75 Read More
The Department of Justice blocked an early effort for a search where the "missing" back-up emails were kept.
Speaker Boehner has joined forces with President Obama to have the House vote for funding for amnesty.  The vote will be taken later today.  Furthermore, Boehner's allies will reportedly be running ads attacking anti-amnesty Republican House members. Read More
Supreme Court Should Nix Obamacare Subsidies, Instigate ReformPeter MoriciThe Supreme Court could improve American health care by striking down federal subsidies offered through federal exchange that sells insurance in states without government-run marketplaces.Most Americans neve... Read More


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