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Sen. Ted Cruz describes the agenda he believes the GOP should follow with its new majority.
Byron York points out that everything liberals thought would save them in Tuesday's election failed to work.
A new study finds the cost of ObamaCare is significantly higher in 2015 for all age groups.
The failure of Obama's liberalism has become so obvious that voters are expected to clearly reject the Democrats in tomorrow's elections. Read More
A recent poll showed more than half of ObamaCare policy holder saying they did not plan to renew for 2015.
Stu Rothenburg points out that the 2014 mid-term Democratic losses will put Obama in historic territory as an unsuccessful politician.
Michael Barone points out that Obama's failed policies have made him "a reminder of a past that his party would like to forget."
Even left-leaning Politico admits that Democrats are being hurt in 2014 by the public's opposition to ObamaCare.  In fact, opposition to "its underlying core principle" is the key to their problems.
A new poll shows young people voting Republican this year, 51 to 47 percent.
Some people will suffer enormous increases in their ObamaCare premiums next year, but that information will be kept secret until after the election.


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