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ObamaCare supporters have trumpeted claims about the increased number of people who have (taxpayer-subsidized) insurance, but a new study finds that insurance is not providing the help they expected. Read More
The discovery that Hillary Clinton had a second secret email account has opened a new avenue of investigation for the Benghazi Committee.
The fall of Ramadi is the latest proof that Obama's Iraq policy will not succeed.
Secretary of State Hillaryh Clinton received a prompt intelligence report that the Benghazi massacre was a well-planned terrorist attack with an Al-Quaeda connection.
Congress has a lot to do before it goes into recess for Memorial Day.
After raising taxes, taking away insurance people wanted to keep, and disrupting the health care system, ObamaCare has not even lived up to its promises in terms of benefits. Read More
Cleta Mitchell points out that Congress, as well as the Executive branch, failed to effectively investigate the IRS scandal.
Rep. Tom Price, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, opposes the idea of saving ObamaCare if the Supreme Court rules most of its subsidies unconstitutional.  He wants to use the opportunity to repeal ObamaCare. Read More
The House removed an amnesty provision from the Defense Authorization, but 20 pro-amnesty Republicans made it close.
Rep. Tom Price has introduced a revised version of his bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare.


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