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GOP leaders refused to allow a House vote on blocking ObamaCare's bailout of health insurance companies last month, but a new report from the Government Accountability Office says that Congress may have to give positive approval before the bailout can proceed. Read More
A new poll shows voters overwhelmingly in favor of repealing ObamaCare, rather than trying to fix it.
Steven Hayward discusses how the global warming gang is becoming more extreme and irresponsible as their cause becomes less credible.
Walter Russell Mead discusses more studies on the limited number of doctors available under ObamaCare.
Eric Holder's 26% approval rating shows that Americans know he did a poor job as attorney general.
Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers says that Obama had plenty of advance notice about the danger from ISIS.
ObamaCare supporters boast about how many people have been added to Medicaid, but fail to mention that many have trouble actually getting medical care.
Speaker Boehner recognizes that if the Islamic State is the major threat described by  the Obama administation, then the US must do whatever is necessary to end that threat.  Ruling out the possibility of using US troops means either that the threat is not that great or that victory is not... Read More
Californians are finding that it is still difficult to use the doctors they prefer if they have an ObamaCare policy.
Jay Cost shows how Senators who voted for ObamaCare have been punished by the voters.


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