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            “The Senate must put aside partisan obstructionism and pass the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability Act promptly”, said Peter J. Thomas, Chairman of The Conservative Caucus, following House passage of the bill on Wednesday.... Read More
Ed Rogers points out that in coming months people will be hit with more reasons to want ObamaCare repealed. Read More
Dana Milbank is another liberal Washington Post columnist who cannot accept Obama's explanations of the VA scandal.
John Kass of the Chicago Tribune says that Obama is satisfied to talk about the VA scandal while avoiding action.,0,845075,full.column
Eli Lake reveals how Obama continues to deny the reality of the terrorist threat in the US and worldwide.
James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal describes the outlook for ObamaCare. 
Even the New York Times admits that the VA scandal is a major problem for Obama.
Steven Hayward points out how advocates of climate change distort facts to claim a scientific consensus in their favor.
The VA scandal continues to spark harsh criticism of the Obama administration, even from allies such as Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post. Read More
Byron York discusses what the Select Committe on Benghazi should investigate.


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