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Terry Eastland discusses the importance of the new GOP-controlled Senate as a weapon against Obama's attempt to establish liberal control of the Federal judiciary.
Mike Gonzales points out that the great majority of Hispanic voters are willing to vote for a candidate who opposes amnesty, and may be won over on the issues of economic growth and school choice. Read More
Speaker Boehner made the right comments yesterday on ObamaCare and amnesty.  Now we wait to see if his actions match his words.
Two Washington  Post columnists discuss Obama's inability to understand the significance of the Democratic defeat. Read More
Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell set forth their plans for 2015, while George Will has six suggestions of his own. Read More
The Washington Post is concerned that the new Republican Congress will not be as generous to Federal employees as Obama and the Democrats have been. Read More
Sean Trende points out that the main point of the November 4 elections was a vote of no confidence in President Obama.  Now the Republicans need to prove that they have better ideas.
Sen. Ted Cruz describes the agenda he believes the GOP should follow with its new majority.
Byron York points out that everything liberals thought would save them in Tuesday's election failed to work.
A new study finds the cost of ObamaCare is significantly higher in 2015 for all age groups.


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