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The prospects look good for a continuing injunction against Obama's amnesty for more than 4 million illegal aliens.
The House reauthorized the Kennedy-Bush No Child Left Behind Act after voting down a conservative amendment.
While Speaker Boehner and dozens of RINO's are working with Democrats to restore the Export-Import Bank and its subsidies to corporations such as Boeing, conservatives in Congress still hope to prevent reauthorization. Read More
The San Francisco murder committed by an illegal alien who got his gun from a Federal agent and was protected by San Francisco's sanctuary city policy is a nightmare for pro-amnesty liberals. 
Obama's plan to create a moderate force in the Syrian civil war has been a failure, according to testimony yesterday.
Despite the recent Supreme Court decision, ObamaCare's lack of popular support makes it vulnerable to repeal and replacement after the 2016 elections. 
Liberals hate a Republican plan to cut foreign aid to countries that refuse to help cut down on illegal immigration to the US.
San Francisco's policy of being a sanctuary city for illegal aliens has now led to the murder of one of its citizens.
Opposition from conservatives has forced an education bill to be sent back to committee for changes.  However, it remains to be seen whether the bill can be made acceptable.
The House will probably vote later this month on reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank, and there may be enough pro-corporate welfare Republicans joining with nearly unanimous Democrats to give the bill a majority.


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