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Some Democrats refuse to admit to any of ObamaCare's problems, but the Senate's only Democratic freshman is expected to give conservatives some support on the issue.
Obama's environmental deal with China has run into strong Congressional opposition.
House conservatives are demanding that appropriations bills, including the continuing resolution for the current fiscal year (through September 30, 2015), contain laguague to defund Obama's executive action amnesty for illegal aliens.  However, the GOP leadership shows no signs of agreeing.... Read More
Democrats are now willing to move ahead with a vote on the Keystone Pipeline, although Obama might yet veto the legislation.
Two Washington Post columnists, one conservative and one liberal, agree on the necessity of congressional debate on going to war in the Mideast. Read More
Michael Barone offers some comments on the future balance of political power in the United States.
Repbulicans have begun by correctly insisting that the nomination of Loretta Lynch must not be rushed through the Senate.  Will they stick to their guns when Obama and Reid put the pressure on?
Timothy Carney of the Washington Examiner reviews the lies that were used to pass ObamaCare.
During the past two years, conservatives in states such as North Carolina, Kansas, and Wisconsin have introduced conservative reforms at the state level.  Despite strong and well-financed attacks from the Left, these policies were endorsed by the voters on November 4.  David Byler's column... Read More
Sean Trende reviews the significance of the upcoming Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare subsidies. 


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