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Megan McArdle discusses some of the problems that may be in ObamaCare's future.
Here's what some conservatives have to say about the State of the Union address. Read More
Republicans are ready to pass legislation blocking Obama regulations, forcing the President to either accept it or closely identify himself with job-killing policies by using his veto.
The ObamaCare website has long been known for privacy dangers, but now it turns out that the government is deliberately sharing personal information with outsiders.
Some health insurance companies set their 2014 ObamaCare premiums too low (encouraged by the promise of Federal bailouts if they lost money), and are now raising prices or refusing to continue the policies.  This article focuses on what is happening in Colorado. Read More
Robert Tracinski points out the flaws in the claim that 2014 was so hot that it proves the case for global warming.
Newly-elected Sen. Bill Cassidy says he sees increasing public demand for action against ObamaCare.
With 25 states suing over Obama's amnesty, and 12 others filing a brief in support, it's time for the other 13 to stop dodging the issue.
Republican Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart reveals that a majority of House Republicans were ready to support his secretly prepared amnesty bill last year -- until Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary to anti-amnesty Dave Brat.  Diaz-Balart also says he received important backing from the... Read More
George Will points out that Obama's rigid ideological position on the Keystone pipeline shows that he is not the thoughtful, analytical, fact-oriented man he claims to be. Read More


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