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An Achilles heel of ObamaCare is its diversion of funds from Medicare to subsidize ObamaCare programs.  The two articles below describe how Democrats are postponing some of the Medicare cuts in hopes of winning reelection this year, but at the possible cost of undermining ObamaCare's long-term... Read More
A House Commiittee is expected to send to the floor a resolution holding former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt.  Lerner has refused to testify before Rep. Darrell Issa's Oversight and Government Reform Committee, claiming the Fifth Amendment (the right not to incriminate herself by discus... Read More
Michael Mukasey, a former US Attorney General, makes the case for creating a select Congressional Committee to find out the truth about the Benghazi massacre.  
Voting fraud in American elections is a problem, and needs to be dealt with, as the stories linked to below demonstrate. Read More
The House of Representatives voted to change one of ObamaCare's job-killing provisions by defining full-time employment as 40 hours rather than 30.  Ed O'Keefe of the Washington Post has the story at the link below. Read More
A new report by the Inspector General of the State Department finds that the Department lacks records for $6 billion over the past six years.  Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State for most of that time. Read More
David Bernstein of the Washington Post reviews the history of the Supreme Court's protection of free speech, and shows that a recent dissent by Justice Breyer is frighteningly similar to the anti-free speech attitude of the Progressive Movement a century ago. Read More
Jay Cost of the Weekly Standard explains why Democrats in competitive races do not show the same optimism over ObamaCare as the President.  
Mike Tanner explains why President Obama knew better than to allow questions at yesterday's ObamaCare announcement.  
The NSA has admitted to more spying on Americans.  


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