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Global warming fanatics have once again been caught faking the numbers.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is preparing to issue regulations vastly increasing its influence and its damage to the economy.  Republicans in Congress claim that they will stop it.  Are they serious or just posturing? Read More
ObamaCare was sold as the solution to healthcare problems, but it has added new problems instead.
Although the GOP leadership prefers to abdicate Congressiional responsibility and allow Obama unlimited authority to wage war, there is a bipartisan move in the Senate to force a vote. 
If the Supreme Court rules that the plain language of ObamaCare allows subsidies only through state exchanges, the battle will shift to the states.  Some will consider establishing exchanges at the very time when other states have found them to be too expensive to continue (see Hawaii story bel... Read More
After leasing a 11-story building to hold more than 3,000 employees for the administration of the new amnesty program, Obama has been forced by a court order to leave the building vacant and the program on hold. Read More
Hawaii has become the first state to close its exchange for the purchase of ObamaCare policies, and other states are considering the same course.
Because the Republicans in Congress have failed to even attempt to pass a responsible resolution authorizing war against the Islamic State, Democrats are now coming forward with their own very restrictive resolutions.  The have the field to themselves, thanks to the GOP leadership.http://blogs.... Read More
When Congress debated ObamaCare, there were warnings of job losses and high costs.  Those warnings are being proven correct.
Congress has been dodging its constitutional responsibility to decide whether the US should go to war, preferring to let the President take full responsibility. Some members of Congress are calling for action on the matter. Read More


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