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Senior Democrats are finally making public statements about the party's bad decision to push through ObamaCare in 2014.
The cost of some drugs is expected to increase because of ObamaCare.
Sixteen other states have joined a Texas lawsuit, asking that Obama's new amnesty program be declared unconstitutional.
Some members of the House of Representatives are beginning to talk about impeachment again.
House Republicans are divided over the timetable for challenging Obama's latest amnesty.
Katie Pavlich points out that Obama's failure to deport illegal aliens has torn apart some American families -- forever.
The House will soon vote on a bill to block Obama's latest amnesty program.  That's good, but we all know that the only way to really stop it is by withholding funds.  Conservatives can vote yes on the bill, but they must insist on defunding.  Anything less is pure symbolism without s... Read More
Although it does not directly relate to President Obama's amnesty actions, this Federal court decision suggests that there is a greater chance he will have to defend his actions in court.
David Savage suggests that Obama's decision to ignore the immigration laws may convince Chief Justice Roberts to insist on interpreting literally ObamaCare's subsidy provisions.
Obama has lied about what George H. W. Bush did concerning illegal immigrants. 


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