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President Obama has put Congress on the spot by finally making a formal request for approval of the war against the Islamic State.  Now Congress can no longer dodge their constitutional responsibility.  It is vitally important that Congress conduct extensive hearings followed by a full deb... Read More
Republican Senator Mark Kirk has announced that he is ready to vote with the Democrats, allowing Obama's amnesty programs to continue.  However, other news reports suggest that the Senate GOP leadership may not be willing to give in unless the House leads the way.  A February 27 "shutdown"... Read More
The Senate Republican leadership has been talking as if they are ready to accept the Democrats' demand to provide funding for amnesty.
How many times have we been told that immigrants are not taking jobs away from Americans, that immigrants only do what Americans will not do?This articles shows that such claims are a lie.
The IRS is refusing to release documents relating to the targeting of conservatives.
So far, Senate Republicans have refused to cave in to Obama's threat to let Homeland Security funding lapse if he cannot have his amnesty program.
The Senate will vote on repealing ObamaCare, and several possible replacements will be available.
National Review's editorial board reviews one bill introduced as an ObamaCare replacement, and finds it to be good, though not perfect.
The big issue on Capitol Hill this week will be the bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security and prohibit Obama's amnesty.  Senate Democrats and Republican Senator Heller have refused to pass the DHS funding unless it allows amnesty to proceed. Read More
For the third consecutive day, Senate Democrats and Republican Dean Heller voted to block all funding for the Department of Homeland Security until Republicans support Obama's amnesty program. Read More


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