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Marines are justifiably angry that Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has decided to ignore the results of an experiment regarding women in combat units.
Victor Davis Hanson offers some comments for the next President on how to undo the Obama legacy.
Reports that the Obama administration rewrote intelligence reports to conform to the President's excessively optmistic claims could become a major embarrassment for Obama.
The House voted yesterday to protest the secret "side agreements" of the Iran deal.  Because they are secret, the US cannot know whether Iran has the ability to easily cheat.
Although the Obama administration is all-out in favor of women in combat, a Marine Corps study found that adding women to combat units degraded performance because the women were weaker and slower, could not shoot as accurately, and were more often injured.  Feminists, who had wanted a study ri... Read More
The Department of Homeland Security has dramatically reduced its requests that local police departments detain illegal aliens who are supposed to be deported. Read More
Rep. Justin Amash points out two constitutional violations in President Obama's handling of the Iran agreement.
Obama and his allies are planning to shut down the government in order to force Congressional Republicans to increase Federal spending.
House conservatives forced Speaker Boehner to change the way the House will deal with the Iran issue, highlighting the secret "side deals" regarding enforcement.
The "experts" said Federal judges would refuse to allow the House to sue the President over violations of the law and the Constitution, but Judge Rosemary Collyer ruled yesterday that the lawsuit is proper and that the case may proceed to trial.  Obama will now have to defend his illegal action... Read More


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