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Jonathan Tobin explains that Obama's new environmental rules targeting power plants will do much harm and little or no good., the Washington Post notes that even so... Read More
Even liberal columnist Richard Cohen finds Obama recent speech at West Point to be "contradictory, unpersuasive and in places just plain silly." Read More
Even Amy Davidson in the liberal New Yorker agrees that Hillary Clinton needs to provide answers  to questions on Benghazi.
Byron York describes the flaws in the Senate Democrats approach to the VA.
Marc Thiessen of the Washington Post warns about the consequences of Obama's release of five Taliban terrorists.
Even a poll conducted for CBS News found that a majority of Americans have not fallen for the global warming propaganda.  Considering the story below on this page about the polar bear lie, the only surprise is that so many do accept Obama's claims. Read More
John Hinderaker reports that the scientist responsible for the "polar bears are being killed by global warming" hoax has now admitted he has no idea how many polar bears there are -- and never did know!
Law professor Jonathan Turley discusses how Obama again violated the law, this time by releasing Taliban terrorists.If Ronald Regan had held Obama's views on enforcing the law, he could have simply declared the Boland Amendment unconstitutional and provided aid to the Contras regardless of anything... Read More
Stephen Hays of the Weekly Standard writes that Hillary Clinton is still trying to avoid the important questions about Benghazi.
Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post reviews the failings of Obama's foreign policy.


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