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During the 1930's, Americans learned that high taxes, burdensome, regulations, and uncertainty about government actions made businessmen reluctant to invest and slowed economic growth.  Obama has never learned that lesson, and his Hoover-FDR policies continue to produce very slow growth.https:/... Read More
Once again, newly uncovered IRS documents show that the agency lied about the targeting of conservative groups. 
Baltimore's police officers were vindicated and Black Lives Matters suffered another defeat when all remaining charges against three officers were dropped.  Three others had been acquitted. Read More
Europeans are beginning to admit the danger from radical Islamic terrorists and to discuss what to do about it.  Why does Obama find it so hard? Read More
Paul Sperry ;points out that in the courtroom, where facts count, the accusations by Black Lives Matter keep falling apart.
Heather MacDonald, author of The War on Cops, explains why the media and Black Lives Matter share the blame for the murder of policemen in Baton Rouge.
ObamaCare is not working the way Obama claimed it would, and would require even larger government subsidies to keep it afloat.
Iran is not holding up its end of the deal it made with Obama, but admitting that would be too much for the President.
Katie Pavlich makes the point that all lives matter, and the Black Lives Matter movement must learn that fact.
Heather MacDonald describes the liberal approach that has encouraged hostility toward the police.


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