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Can ObamaCare survive, or is it such a flawed system that it will collapse on it own?  Rick Manning believes the latter is more likely.
Obama's former Secretary of State, Leon Panetta, says Obama's policy regarding the Islamic State is inadequate.
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi warned that if Republicans cut off funding for bringing in Syrian refugees, Democrats will retaliate by shutting down the Federal government.  Will Speaker Ryan cave in, as Speaker Boehner always did? Read More
One of the largest health insurance companies is on the verge of dropping its ObamaCare policies. Read More
A new study released by the Pew Research Center shows that about one million Mexicans have "self-deported" over the past six years.  Unfortunately, almost 900,000 have come to replace them, plus a large increase from Central America, proving that the Mexican border is still insecure.https://www... Read More
The House voted to pass a bill restricting immigration by Syrian refugees, and Obama's lobbying against the bill actually persuaded some Democrats to vote with Republicans.  However, Senate Democrats still plan to filibuster the bill to death.  Meanwhile, conservatives are pushing for a de... Read More
The large increase in the price of Obamacare premiums is getting attention in newspapers across the political spectrum. Read More
Obama is threatening to veto any bill that would prevent Syrian immigrants from coming to the US, but Congressional Democrats are abandoning him on the issue.  Unfortunately, Congressional Republicans are unlikely to take more than symbolic action, allowing Obama's veto to be decisive.http://ww... Read More
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has been accused of corruption and a Utah prosecutor has taken up the investigation after Obama's Justice Department dropped the matter.
Government officials admit that the US cannot adequately screen refugees to identify terrorists, and some Democrats are joining Republicans in opposing Obama.  Congressional action to protect Americans appears likely. Read More


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