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TCC Chairman Peter J. Thomas has sent the following letter to House Judiciary Chairman Robert (Bob) Goodlatte.Dear Chairman Goodlatte:I want to commend you for the hearings held by your committee last week regarding the surge in illegal immigration, as well as for the statements in your June 20 emai... Read More
Two new reports confirm that the ObamaCare system is unable to verify that the people receiving subsidies are eligible under the law.  No one can say how much money is being spent illegally. Read More
Jonathan Turley describes an anti-Obamacare lawsuit that could put an end to ObamaCare. 
During his confirmation hearings, Chief Justice John Roberts indicated his preference for narrowly crafted decisions, dealing only with the case at hand.That preference was demonstrated in both of today's 5-4 decisions.  ObamaCare's contraceptive mandate was struck down, but only for businesses... Read More
Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) spoke last week about the way that Obama's de facto amnesty has sparked the huge influx of illegal immigration, especially minors.
Sen. Ron Johnson and law professor Jonathan Turley explain why the courts must act against Obama's abuse of executive power, and the Washington Post's editors make a feeble attempt to defend Obama. Read More
Even the Washington Post recognizes that Obama's aggressive approach to executive power may result in more legal setbacks, such as yesterday's Supreme Court decision on recess appointments. Read More
One of the prosecutors in the Wisconsin case recently dismissed by a Federal judge has officially stated that Gov. Scott Walker was not a target, and that memos released by the prosecutors "merely outlined a theory of the case and did not constitute a finding that charges were warrented."http://www.... Read More
Today is the one-year anniversary of Senate passage of S 744, the "comprehensive immigration reform bill" supported by Obama.  Amnesty supporters have criticized the House for failing to pass the bill, but they have failed to mention one key point -- the bill has never been sent to the House.... Read More
A unanimous Supreme Court ruled that President Obama's recess appointments, made while the Senate was not in recess, were unconstitutional.


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