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Speaker Boehner recognizes that if the Islamic State is the major threat described by  the Obama administation, then the US must do whatever is necessary to end that threat.  Ruling out the possibility of using US troops means either that the threat is not that great or that victory is not... Read More
Californians are finding that it is still difficult to use the doctors they prefer if they have an ObamaCare policy.
Jay Cost shows how Senators who voted for ObamaCare have been punished by the voters.
Having refused to let the House vote on whether to authorize a new war before the election, Speaker Boehner is now trying to give Obama a free hand until sometime next year.
Benjamin Zycher points out that the climate data collected by the United Nations undermine claims of global warming and climate change.
House Republican leaders refused to let a key  anti-ObamaCare bill come to the floor before the election.
Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz at the Washington Post discusses the IRS targeting of groups promoting knowledge of the US Constitution.
John Goodman of Forbes warns that ObamaCare will continue to contradict the promise of keeping insurance you like. 
Sen. Rand Paul is demanding that President Obama obey the Constitution by getting Congressional authorization for the war against the Islamic State. Read More
New numbers concerning ObamaCare enrollment are sparking skepticism because of a lack of transparency and a history of falsehood.


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