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With the GOP now in control, the Senate reversed last year's decision and voted to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.
While promising a February vote on repealing ObamaCare, Rep. Kevin McCarthy implies that the GOP leadership is ready to let Obama continue with his amnesty program.
Byron York points out that public opinion is against President Obama's plan to increase immigration into the United States.
Sen. Ted Cruz has called for Majority Leader McConnell to use every means to prevent the nomination of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General.
Micah Morrison of the New York Post provides a reminder of why the next Attorney General should appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the IRS targeting of conservative groups.
Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch avoided answering key questions during yesterday's hearing, especially on the topic of illegal aliens.
It appears that House Republicans may finally sue Obama over his amnesty, despite having passed on the opportunity last year.  However, they also appear ready to give up without a fight on defunding the amnesty.  Even if there are not enought Senate votes to overcome a filibuster, the Sena... Read More
President Obama says the economic future is rosy, but Stephen Moore demonstrates that the facts point in a different direction.
Nine conservative members of the House have formed the Freedom Caucus.
A small group of Senators is preparing a plan for replacing ObamaCare, and hoping that the Supreme Court will give them the leverage needed to pass it.


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