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Obama has lied about what George H. W. Bush did concerning illegal immigrants. 
House Republicans are considering a different approach to defunding Obama's new amnesty program.
Byron York raises important questions as to how the taxpayer will be affected by Obama's latest amnesty. Read More
A new poll shows support for Obama's amnesty plans continuing to decline.
Many of Lerner's missing emails may hve been
Mollie Hemingway reviews the media's reaction to the latest Benghazi report.
Even the AP fact-checker had to label Obama a liar for some of his statements about amnesty for illegal aliens.
David Harsanyi comments on Obama's latest amnesty proclamation.
Sean Trende shows that the main reason for Democratic losses in 2014 was the unpopularity of President Obama and his policies.
Byron York discusses how the GOP may be able to defund the Obama amnesty without risking public backlash over another government shutdown.


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