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The House has once again voted, with some Democratic support, to amend ObamaCare and allow Americans to keep their health insurance plans.  President Obama has said he would veto the bill, even though it would implement his own promise. Read More
Senate Republicans have put together their 2015 agenda, but it calls for little action against ObamaCare and none against Obama's unilateral amnesty.
It's good to see that Obama now has announced something resembling a strategy, but some pundits have reasonable concerns about whether it will work. Read More
Obama's speech failed to make the constitutionally required request for Congressional authorization (although he still may seek it).  Even the left-wing Chris Matthews worries that the President's strategy falls short of what it needed. Read More
William Kristol discusses a possible replacement once ObamaCare has been repealed.
President Obama's unpopularity will give Republicans the six Senate seats they need, and more, says election expert Stu Rotherberg.
Remember how often we were told that amnesty for illegal immigrants was a winning political issue, and that opposing amnesty would be fatal to conservatives?  Now, even Alexis Simendinger of the New York Times concedes that Obama has delayed his amnesty program because he knows it's a political... Read More
The emails of more IRS employees have been "lost".
Last month's employment figures give the lie to optimistic comments on the economy.  Finding jobs is still so hard that people continue to give up and drop out.
The IRS quickly erased the memory on Lois Lerner's Blackberry when congressional staff began questioning her about the IRS targeting of conservatives.


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