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Republican Congressman are working on their own legislation to deal with the massive influx of illegal aliens, rather than accept President Obama's weak proposal.
Remember when liberals ridiculed Reagan's idea of a successful defense against missles?  "You can't hit a bullet with a bullet", they said.Today's Washington Post admits that Israel's anti-missile defense is 90% effective.  Buried deep within the story is the fact that  the system was... Read More
Michael Barone discusses why Obama is to blame for the border crisis, and the political price he will pay for the disaster.
Ron Christie explains why the House lawsuit against President Obama could result in a successful ruling by the Federal courts.  
Obama's failure to act decisively against the recent flood of illegal aliens has sparked criticism from both the left and right. Read More
Members of Congress are preparing to change the law to deal with the border crisis, despite Obama's refusal to ask for the needed changes in his message to Congress.  Pro-amnesty groups are gearing up to oppose the legislation. Read More
Speaker John Boehner says that the House Republicans will carefully scrutinize Obama's request for $3.7 billion to deal with the border crisis, rather than quickly approving it.  Let's hope he keeps that promise.
Mollie Hemingway  shows that many of those in the liberral media are astonishingly ignorant, yet expect to be treated as experts.
John Boehner explains why the House had no choice but to go to court in hopes of making President Obama break the law.
The Wall Street Journal discusses the FBI's curious role in the IRS email scandal.


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