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The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is expected to vote today on a bill to require that the President submit any Iran agreement for review.
Mark Salter points out that critics of the vague outline for a deal with Iran are highlighting what must be obtained in the final negotiations.
Is there waste in the Federal budget?  This article proves that there is. 
Obama's attack on the electrical power industry could leave Americans without reliable access to electricity.
Ayatollah Khamenei says that Obama is lying to Americans about the terms of their agreement, making it sound less favorable to Iran. Read More
The House agenda for April will include bills addressing the IRS scandal and some of next year's appropriations.
Obama's promise of "reform" following the VA scandal turns out to be empty. 
ObamaCare is complicating tax season for many Americans.
A Federal judge has ordered the IRS to provide more information relating to the anti-conservative scandal.
President Obama has made crippling the economy in the name of fighting climate change the top priority of his final years in office, but the American public is not buying it.


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