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The House bill repealing ObamaCare has been narrowly written to conform to Senate rules about what can be included in the annual reconciliation bill.
Republican moderates may prevent House passage of a bill that would require spending cuts in return for an increase in the debt limit.
By 44% to 27%, Americans say they are not satisfied with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's version of the Benghazi massacre.  Also, John Bolton describes how learning from the Benghazi mistakes is essential if we are to avoid repeating them. Read More
House Republicans disagree over whether House rules allow a total repeal of ObamaCare through the annual reconciliation bill.
Senate Democrats succesfully filibustered a bill to cut off some Federal funding for local governments that protect illegal aliens from deportation.  They demanded "immigration reform" (i.e. amnesty ) first.
The flaws of ObamaCare are becoming impossible to hide, and its collapse may be approaching.
Some conservatives hope that the bill to raise the debt limit can be used as a vehicle for moving to a balanced budget.  However, they do not have the support of the GOP leadership, and the Obama administration continues to demand a blank check for more spending. Read More
Health insurance co-ops established by ObamaCare are going out of business, and may cost the taxpayers billions through unrepaid "loans".
The Senate is expected to vote Tuesday on a bill to punish sanctuary cities (local governments that protect illegal aliens from deportation) by cutting off some Federal funds.
Obama promised a victory that would allow US withdrawal from Afghanistan before he left the White House.  Instead, he has had to admit his policy has failed and US troops will be staying.  So much for the boasting about "ending two wars", both of which are still in full swing.http://thehil... Read More


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