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The budget to be released today by House Republicans is expected to include the repeal of ObamaCare.
Conor Fridersdorf shows that the process by which Clinton identified government- related emails was not sufficiently accurate.
The Democratice filibuster of a bill against child sex trafficking has had the indirect effect of preventing the Senate from voting to confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney General. Read More
Sen. Rob Portman points out the obvious -- the letter to Iran pointed out important truths, and strengthened Obama's hand in negotiations with Iran.
At least four Republican Senators will vote to make Loretta Lynch the next Attorney General, despite her pledge to violate the Constitution by supporting President Obama's unilateral amnesty program. 
James Robbins explains why critics of the letter to Iran are wrong.
Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdey wants former Secretary of State Clinton to appear as a witness before his committee.
Republican leaders are showing no interest in taking up legislation to prevent illegal aliens from receiving tax credits.  Instead, they are putting off conservatives by saying they will get to it later, with no specific date. Read More
The Senate will vote on the nomination of Loretta Lynch as US Attorney General next week.  During her confirmation hearings, Lynch defended the legality of Obama's bypassing Congress to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.  While Sen. Ted Cruz recognizes that this disqualifies her to hold the... Read More
The House will vote late this month on a budget resolution for 2016.


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