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President Obama's unpopularity will give Republicans the six Senate seats they need, and more, says election expert Stu Rotherberg.
Remember how often we were told that amnesty for illegal immigrants was a winning political issue, and that opposing amnesty would be fatal to conservatives?  Now, even Alexis Simendinger of the New York Times concedes that Obama has delayed his amnesty program because he knows it's a political... Read More
The emails of more IRS employees have been "lost".
Last month's employment figures give the lie to optimistic comments on the economy.  Finding jobs is still so hard that people continue to give up and drop out.
The IRS quickly erased the memory on Lois Lerner's Blackberry when congressional staff began questioning her about the IRS targeting of conservatives.
Even the New York Times concedes that ObamaCare will face continuing problems in 2015, including increased cost for insurancer and difficulty in enrolling.
Liberal Nate Silver explains why his computer model gives Republicans almost a 2-1 probability of winning control of the Senate -- and a 25% chance of winning nine or more Democratic seats.
Congressional Republicans point out that Obama has already expanded his "deferred action" amnesty by making it easier to qualify.
Jonathan Tobin describes the continued failure of global warming predictions.
Obama's "successful" war against Libya turns out to have led to a much greater problem for the United States.


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