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The late Howard Phillips, Chairman of The Conservative Caucus for many years, used to say that the only battles we lose are those we fail to fight.  Liberal Paul Waldman of the Washington Post admits that the Tea Party is proving the truth of that combative approach. Read More
Megan McArdle shows that Obama does not have the power to order a sweeping de facto amnesty for illegal aliens.
The Obama administration is failing to post information about government spending online for the public, even though Obama himself, as a Senator, introduced the bill (along with Sen. Tom Coburn) requiring such disclosure. Read More
Even the liberal Washington Post warns President Obama that he does not have the constitutional authority to provide amnesty without Congressional approval. Read More
As more Americans have personal experience with ObamaCare, the program becomes even more unpopular.
Ed Rogers of the Washington Post describes the importance of the economy for November's elections.
After many delays, the Republicans in the House were finally able to pass legislation to deal with the border crisis and oppose Obama's unilateral amnesty.   Important to note is that Republican Senate candidate Cory Gardner (R-CO) voted with Obama on the amnesty bill.http://blogs.rollcall... Read More
Megan McArdle weighs in on the question of whether ObamaCare subsidies were intended to be only for state exchanges.
House members remained in Washington  after divisions among conservatives prevented passage of any anti-illegal alien bills. Read More
Deroy Murdock reviews the continuing travails of a failing ObamaCare.


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