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Stephen Hayes and Thomas Joscelyn discuss the House Intelligence Committee's report on Benghazi and the continuing need for the Gowdy Committee.  They specifically cite various "intelligence failures" covered up by the Committee Report. Read More
The most recent figures show that while illegal border crossings are on the increase, Obama is deporting fewer.
Thanks to the efforts of Sen. Rand Paul, there will be a committee vote next week on a war resolution.  However, there is unlikely to be any floor action until 2015. 
The House passed legislation to roll back Obama's amnesty, but the votes that really count are yet to come.
Even the pro-amnesty Washington Post agrees that Obama's amnesty has no precedent among previous presidential actions.
Senior Democrats are finally making public statements about the party's bad decision to push through ObamaCare in 2014.
The cost of some drugs is expected to increase because of ObamaCare.
Sixteen other states have joined a Texas lawsuit, asking that Obama's new amnesty program be declared unconstitutional.
Some members of the House of Representatives are beginning to talk about impeachment again.
House Republicans are divided over the timetable for challenging Obama's latest amnesty.


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