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Liz Peek of The Fiscal Times explains why voters are unhappy with ObamaCare.
Johan Goldberg describes how poorly liberals, especially the media, have handled the Ferguson Missouri story.
A new poll confirms that Americans are turning against Obama's Common Core curriculum, and don't think Obama is doing a good job on education.
The indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry is being treated with skepticism, even in liberal circles. Read More
Rupert Darwall discusses why the claim of a scientific "consensus" on global warming is false.
Danny Vinik of The New Republic explains why Obama lacks the constitutional authority to give amnesty to illegal aliens without congressional action.
John Feere explains why amnesty for illegal aliens is bad policy, while Riehan Salam throws cold water on the idea that amnesty would bring support from Hispanic voters. Read More
A few House Democrats are joining the effort to end special ObamaCare treatment for members of Congress.
Many of those who signed up for ObamaCare have decided to let their policies lapse.
The Washington Post reports on the attempt to cover up a scandal involving telework at the Patent Office.


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