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The House Republican tax reform plan includes repeal of the Death Tax.
A National Review editorial explains why the Supreme Court was correct to rule against Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens.
The Supreme Court, in a 4-4 vote, refused to overturn a lower court injunction that has prevented the President from proceeding with his amnesty program. Read More
Michelle Malkin describes the cover-up protecting refugees in Twin Falls, Idaho.
Once again, a Federal judge has found that President Obama is making laws himself instead of enforcing the law made by Congress.  This time, it was a judge he appointed that struck down his anti-energy regulations. Read More
This Washington Times editorial reviews the fiasco of censoring the Omar Mateen transcript in an attempt to play down the role of radical Islamism in Mateen's motivation.
House Republicans finally annnounced the outline for their plan to replace ObamaCare.
Dennis Ross discusses what needs to be done to weaken the Islamic State.
Paul Sperry points out that Omar Mateen and other terrorists are really part of  a radical, anti-American community.
Surprise, surprisel.  The Congressional Budget Office has found that private investment is twice as productive as government "investment".That conclusion is stated on page two of their report. 


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