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Congressional Republicans point out that Obama has already expanded his "deferred action" amnesty by making it easier to qualify.
Jonathan Tobin describes the continued failure of global warming predictions.
Obama's "successful" war against Libya turns out to have led to a much greater problem for the United States.
ByPeter J. Thomas and Charles Orndorff             The deadline for a strategic decision on dealing with ISIL has arrived.  There can be no excuse for further delay.  President Obama must establish clear national goals, explain th... Read More
A study of voting records in Virginia and Maryland turned up evidence that some people voted in both the Virginia and Maryland suburbs of DC on election day, 2012. Read More
Seth Lipsky discusses Obama's plan to put into effect an international climate change agreement without Senate approval.
Sen. Marco Rubio has explicitly dropped his support for S. 744, the amnesty bill he co-authored and helped push through the Senate last year. He now says Congress should not even discuss amnesty until serious enforcement measures against illegal immigration are in place and getting results.http://wa... Read More
Walter Russell Mead reports on the latest development in the IRS scandal.
Terrorism has not been defeated, and Jennifer Braceras shows that Obama still does not understand Islamic extremism.
Rep. Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has warned that President Obama will need to get Congressional approval to continue his recently-begun war against the Islamic State.  News reports indicate that the President is considering such a resolution.http://thehill... Read More


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