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Katie Pavlich points out the continuing problems with ObamaCare.
The Conservative Caucus Foundation examined the legal basis of Obama's recent amnesty program and found it to be without any constitutional foundation. Is the DAPA Amnesty Legal Under the US Constitution?             The U.S. Constitut... Read More
A murder suspect was given protection under Obam's DACA program.
House members will get to vote on six different versions of a budget resolution this week.  One is being offered by the conservative Republican Study Committee and two others are supported by very liberal Democrats. Read More
The editors of the Washington Examiner review the sad history of ObamaCare and its failure to live up to its promises.
Obama's latest anti-energy rules are being challenged in court.
First, Congress refused to consider whether the US should go to war against the Islamic State, even though the Constitution gives that responsibility to Congress.  Now, after President Obama forced the issue by requesting Congressional action, it appears that Congress may choose to do nothing.h... Read More
Congress has passed a bill to overturn the Obama administration's rule that would allow labor unions to benefit from hasty representation elections.
Although the GOP budget resolution passed out of committee with unanimous support, there is a serious division over whether to cut non-defense spending in order to increase defense.  The GOP leadership does not want to reduce non-defense spending,. Read More
Liberals are outraged that the House is preparing to vote on bills to deal with the illegal alien problem.


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