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Peter Suderman discusses the significance of Aetna's withdrawal from most ObamaCare exchanges.  
Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee put the blame for the riots squarely on liberals. 
Heather MacDonald discusses the truth behind the Milwaukee riots and similar incidents.
There is more proof that terrorist travel as refugees to reach Western nations. 
Only about a third of Americans support bringing in Syrian refugees, according to this poll. 
John Fund discusses vote fraud in Pennsylvania.
Obama and Clinton tell us the Mexican border is secure.  Facts confirmed by the Federal govenment prove it is not. 
The Washington Examiner reviews the more extreme proposals of the Black Lives Matter movement.
After almost eight years, wages are still lower than when Obama took office.
ObamaCare is in such bad shape that the next President and Congress may be forced to deal with it early next year.  Will Republicans see this as an opportunity to get rid of ObamaCare, or will they compromise as usual? Read More


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