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Jessica Vaughn of the Center for Immigration Studies, in recent Congressional testimony, demonstrates that the government's own numbers show a failure to enforce the law. 
Alyene Senger of the Heritage Foundation finds that the ObamaCare insurance exchanges have hurt, not helped, people buying health insurance.  
Democrats again voted unanimously to prevent passage of a bill to fully-fund the Deparment of Homeland Security, raising the possibility that it might have no funding after February 27.  Republican Dean Heller voted with the Democrats, and other Republicans show signs of moving toward the Democ... Read More
The new Freedom Caucus has become a rallying point for conservatives in the House who want to fight Obama, not surrender to him.
The House voted yesterday to repeal ObamaCare, with three Republicans and all Democrats supporting continuation of ObamaCare.  This vote, as in earlier votes to prohibit Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens and to authorize construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, showed House Republicans keepin... Read More
Republican Senator Dean Heller joined with all Senate Democrats to block a House-passed bill that would fund the Department of Homeland Security and prohibit spending on Obama's illegal amnesty programs.If the Senate continues to block passage of the bill, the Department will have no funding after F... Read More
The President's proposal to increase spending and taxes got a negative response from key members of Congress.
The Senate could vote today on a bill to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security while prohibiting any spending on the President's amnesty program.  However, Democrats are expected to filibuster the vote, preferring that DHS get no money at all if they cannot have amnesty. Read More
Scott Rasmussen has some perceptive comments on how to understand Washington's budget talk.
Jon Feere points out that the House has passed a bill to fund Homeland Security, and Senate Republicans are ready to pass it.  However, Senate Democrats (and President Obama) say that they will not accept the bill because it prohibits spending money on amnesty for illegal aliens.  Obama an... Read More


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