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Obama's global warming hoax has become less and less believable.
Opposition to ObamaCare is a strong issue in this year's elections.
Ed Rogers points out that a poor economy is hurting the chances of Obama's Democrats in this year's elections.
Despite liberal claims that ObamaCare is not a problem for Democratic candidates, ads such as this one in Alaska point in a different direction.
What may be the most important vote of 2014 -- whether and on what terms to authorize war against the Islamic State -- will not take place until the elections are over.  Once again, the Congressional leadership of both parties is determined to avoid any real debate during an election campaign.h... Read More
Even Alan Greenspan, a pillar of the establishment, agrees that the Export-Import Bank should be abolished.
Is anyone surprised that the Obama administration has not even bothered to enforce the rules it said would prevent using taxpayer funds for abortion?
California is carrying out ObamaCare so as to transfer some Medicare patients into managed-care plans.
The cancellation notices are going out, caused by ObamaCare.
A new report proves that ObamaCare is reducing full-time employment.


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