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A petition to the Republican Leadership of the 115th Congress of the United States of Americaca

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US Citizen Straw Poll on Building the Wall

National Build the Wall Committee U.S. Citizen Straw Poll on Building the Wall

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National Fiduciary Ballot on a New Federal Flat Rate Tax

Imagine How Easy It Would Be To File Your Taxes On A Piece Of Paper The Size Of A Postcard.

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Many Americans now support Congressional term limits as a check on Washington's elected officials. Take our Term Limits Poll to let us know how you feel!

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John Solomon points out that the FBI kept going after Trump even though they knew it was not justified by any evidence. Read More
The Conservative Caucus was among the organizations signing this letter in support of Brett Kavanaugh.   July 18, 2018 Washington, DC  We strongly endorse the nomination of... Read More
The Left is accusing President Trump of treason.  That only shows that they have no idea what the Constitution says about treason.  No surprise there, since they have so... Read More
Rep. Devin Nunes points out many flaws in last week's indictment of Russian hackers, including the way it ignores their attempts to hack Republicans. Nunes has callled on... Read More
John Kass of the Chicago Tribune praises the selection of Brett Kavanaugh.

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It’s time for our elected leaders in Washington to put aside the silly talk of impeachment, accept Read More
            The U.S. Constitution, as written in 1787, did not include term limits for any elected Read More
It’s time for the adoption of a simple and fair new Flat Rate Tax that would make your taxes Read More
STOP the RADICAL islamic Invasion of America!   Help us persuade Congress to pass S. 2302 to freeze Read More