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More and more information comes out about the effort to smear Donald Trump, but revealing the whole truth remains a distant goal. Read More
“Left-wing activists attacked a pro-free speech rally in San Francisco over the weekend, injuring multiple protesters and police officers monitoring the event,” according to... Read More
Antifa violently attacked a free speech rally, determined that free speech will not be allowed.
With a committe vote and floor debate scheduled, the Senate should move ahead to confirm Amy Coney Barrett.
October 16, 2020Prepared by The Conservative Caucus  Despite denial by open borders advocates, illegal aliens add to the crime problem in the United States.  The stories... Read More

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2020 Congressional Candidates Supporting SJ Res 1 and HJ Res 20, a Constitutional Amendment to Read More
There can be no doubt that illegal aliens, often protected by local “sanctuary” policies, are a Read More
The Conservative Caucus has not been stopped or even slowed by the coronavirus.  Our work is needed Read More
            The U.S. Constitution, as written in 1787, did not include term limits for any elected Read More