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“The radicalization of Democrats is tied to the influence of left-wing extremist organizations that are creating a toxic political environment,” Dr. Tom Borelli writes. “... Read More
Sanders’ Medicare-for-all plan would guarantee, “illegal aliens taxpayer-funded dentist visits, while enshrining abortion-on-demand at public expense.” https://www.... Read More
“Last week, many media figures and members of Congress warned the Trump administration that some of its ideas to deter illegal immigration would devastate commerce at the... Read More
Liberal Activist judges are sabotaging Trump’s efforts to secure the border. One such Judge, Richard Seeborg, “issued a nationwide preliminary injunction against the Trump... Read More
Dems were shocked when Attorney General William Barr said that the Trump campaign was indeed spied on, demanding a redaction of what they viewed as absurd claims. But Byron... Read More

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It’s time for our elected leaders in Washington to put aside the silly talk of impeachment, accept Read More
            The U.S. Constitution, as written in 1787, did not include term limits for any elected Read More
It’s time for the adoption of a simple and fair new Flat Rate Tax that would make your taxes Read More
STOP the RADICAL islamic Invasion of America!   Help us persuade Congress to pass S. 2302 to freeze Read More