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Hatred of President Trump caused liberals to wildly exaggerate the likely effects of the coronavirus.  Now the truth is coming out. Read More
“The Chinese Communist Party’s list of transgressions is long and shameful. But knowing they were dealing with one of the most infectious diseases in modern history and still... Read More
Voters recognize that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her liberal colleagues are exploiting this emergency with partisan games instead of joining with President Trump for a prompt... Read More
The models showing extremely high hospitalization and death rates have turned out to be wrong, but you won't hear that from the media. Read More
Even the Washington Post labeled Joe Biden a liar for his criticism about the President and the coronavirus. Read More

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There can be no doubt that illegal aliens, often protected by local “sanctuary” policies, are a Read More
The Conservative Caucus has not been stopped or even slowed by the coronavirus.  Our work is needed Read More
It’s time for our elected leaders in Washington to put aside the silly talk of impeachment, accept Read More
            The U.S. Constitution, as written in 1787, did not include term limits for any elected Read More