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While Democrats are claiming that Trump’s declaration of a National Emergency is unconstitutional and illegal, “In truth, the president is using his constitutional authority... Read More
“A review of existing federal laws makes clear that President Donald Trump has clear statutory authority to build a border wall pursuant to a declaration of a national... Read More
While the radical Green New Deal promises to stop global warming through big government, the Daily Caller reports, “Cities and states actually trying to implement these... Read More
While visiting the U.S.- Mexico border Thursday, Democrat Beto O’Rourke said he would “absolutely” tear down the existing barriers at the border. O’Rourke made the comments... Read More
“Don’t believe the fake news,” Adam Michel writes at The Daily Signal. Trump’s tax cuts are benefitting everyday Americans. “Some of the biggest cuts are actually being... Read More

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It’s time for our elected leaders in Washington to put aside the silly talk of impeachment, accept Read More
            The U.S. Constitution, as written in 1787, did not include term limits for any elected Read More
It’s time for the adoption of a simple and fair new Flat Rate Tax that would make your taxes Read More
STOP the RADICAL islamic Invasion of America!   Help us persuade Congress to pass S. 2302 to freeze Read More