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U.S. Citizen Straw Poll on Amnesty for Illegal Aliens 2015

President Obama is getting ready to strong-arm Congress into rewarding with amnesty an estimated 11-20 MILLION illegal aliens who have made their way through U.S. borders -- giving them all the rights of citizenship.

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Repeal The Death Tax Now Petition

Take action to help TCC repeal the Death Tax.

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Should Congress Launch an Impeachment Inquiry?

The purpose of this survey is to show members of Congress that there is public support for the Congress to conduct an Inquiry into whether President Barack Hussein Obama has kept his oath of office to faithfully.

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Straw Poll on Defunding and Dismantling Obamacare

Millions of Americans already lost their insurance--and millions more face skyrocketing premiums. Take action to help TCC undo ObamaCare, before it destroys our healthcare system for good.

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Even Obama's allies agree that a key part of his energy/environmental plan won't work.
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