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Actions you can take to build support for Constitutional government

Written by Art Harman, Policy Analyst, A project of Americans for Constitutional Liberty

Here's how you can take effective action to let your elected representatives know how you want them to vote on important issues, as well as ways to spread the message to other citizens so they may take action too. 

We can restore the Constitutional government our Founding Fathers intended only by educating the public and holding our representatives accountable for their votes. You've come to the right place! 

The Conservative Caucus is dedicated to researching effective methods to cut our government to it's Constitutionally authorized size and power, as well as watching for dangerous legislation--whether sponsored by Democrats or Republicans.  Then we alert citizens to these issues and how they can best take action. Please read the many issue briefings, publications, and historical documents which are available at our site. 

Then visit our "Take Action" page for specific actions you can do to fight big government.  Join our Conservative Action Alert network to receive notice when legislative action is needed.

Our "Right" Links page will take you to many excellent conservative organizations who themselves have resources of information available on-line; and you will also find many sites useful for researching the issues, including: newspapers; copies of bills (don't take the media's word as whether a particular bill is beneficial or destructive for our country--read the bill on-line); government agencies; and much more.

Monitor Congressional voting records on key issues so you won't be fooled by political rhetoric and promises: their actual votes are often quite opposite!  You will find many well known 'conservatives' routinely vote for big government and higher taxes, and unless conservatives hold them accountable, they will continue voting against our wishes--and against their own rhetoric. You are also encouraged to thank your representatives when they vote correctly.  Visit to read recorded votes and copies of all bills. The following pages outline concrete steps you can take starting today!

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