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ACL Calls for Leadership Against Islamic Terrorists

December 10, 2015

Dear Editor:

Facing the deadly threat of radical Islamic terrorism, this nation needs leadership that is realistic and effective.  The President’s ideological straightjacket leaves him unable even to recognize the enemy.  His belief that American military action makes the world worse forces him to adopt only small, symbolic measures that cannot be successful.

The President insists that we bring Syrian refugees to the United States rather than assisting them at a location the Middle East.  He tells us that they will be carefully vetted even while his FBI director admits that the necessary information is lacking.  He assures us that we should not fear terrorists among women and children, while Tashfeen Malik and the Tsarnaev brothers prove him wrong. 

The flow of refugees from danger zones must be halted.  The entry of those Muslims who cannot be subjected to thorough background checks must be put on hold until our capabilities improve.  

Most important, the US must take military action to eliminate all hope of creating a new caliphate.  It is this dream that motivates terrorists here and abroad.  Removing it will remove their motivation.

This will require listening to the best advice that America’s military leaders can provide.  Allies should be encouraged to join us, but the US must do what is necessary to carry out a winning strategy against the Islamic State.


Peter J. Thomas

Chairman, Americans for Constitutional Liberty

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