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Build a Coalition

Build a coalition by talking to conservative groups, Tea Party or libertarian activists and other online groups, Facebook friends and groups, Twitter followers, churches, business and civic groups, home schoolers, and many other groups to gain their support for your issue.  Ask these groups to pass resolutions or to write a letter on their letterhead supporting your issue, and to send copies of their resolution or letter to the local media and to Congressman & Senators.  Their members can each do many of the action items on this page, amplifying your efforts. 100 phone calls to a Congressman's office about one bill will be noticed.  10 personal visits or 1,000 calls might switch his vote, particularly on a non-ideologically-polarized bill.

You may find that on some issues, liberal and non-political groups may be on your side for their own, perhaps different, reasons; and by talking and meeting with their staff and activists, you can help build a strong, effective coalition.  For example, labor union, human rights, and environmental groups may join you in opposing the North American Union and job-destroying trade treaties. Unions and other groups may also be of assistance in fighting costly global warming "cap and trade" scams, which will bankrupt American families in paying for essential heating, electric and gas costs; while driving factories to China and 3rd world countries where there are no pollution laws.

Talk to legislators or their staff to find those on your side of the issue; and ask how you can best assist their efforts.  The sponsors of a bill and it's most vocal opponents will often know which members most need to hear from their constituents.  Legislators may need people to testify in a committee hearing or people to give documentation or analyses of the facts.  They may appreciate you writing letters to the editor which they can then distribute to their colleagues.

Find people who personally know legislators or their top staff, and ask them to discuss your issue with the legislator, or to arrange a meeting with you and the legislator/top staff.  Such personal contact can make a great difference.

The Conservative Caucus is a public policy organization, contributions to which are not tax deductible. The IRS has determined TCC to be a 501(c)(4) organization, exempt from Federal income tax. TCC can receive corporate donations.

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