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Build Online Support

The internet is the best and fastest way to inform millions or even just your neighbors about political issues.  E-mail your friends and fellow conservatives or post messages promoting your issue suggesting that people take these same actions.

You can post messages to conservative forums such as Free Republic, start a web site or blog, visit other conservative or political websites/blogs and e-mail them to alert them to your issue, and post comments and news on popular blogs.  Network using Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networking sites.  The internet has broken the liberal media's stranglehold on getting information rapidly to Americans--use it as often as you can to help win on issues.  Use and similar "social bookmarking" sites to call attention to your blog or web page, or any blog or webpage supporting your issue. If you get on talk shows, always mention your website, blog or Twitter address.

Build up an email list of friends and other people who will take action when you send an email alert.


Write up a petition requesting your representatives take action on your issue.  You can request petitions from groups such as Americans for Constitutional Liberty-- see our petitions against the North American Union, Illegal Immigration and Judicial Tyranny as examples.  Sign your name and ask friends, relatives, and co-workers to sign too.  To create the biggest impact, gather large numbers of signatures.  We deliver petitions to Congress and the White House every year.

Circulate the petition on the web via email, blogs, and websites such as and Tea Party forums.

Get signatures on petitions around your community too.  Some very effective locations at which to collect signatures are outside the doors of shopping centers and grocery stores, or roaming around their parking lot (grocery stores and "big box" stores usually are more willing to let you collect signatures than malls), at subway & rail stations, bus stops, post offices, airports, downtown parks during lunch hour, long waiting lines such as at a stadium or outside a theater, and busy downtown street corners.  Festivals, fairs, and other special events are good too, particularly if held on public property where they can't stop you from exercising your 1st Amendment rights.

Mail the petitions to your representatives--or to maximize impact, visit your representatives' local office, either giving them to the staff or arrange to meet the representative in person.  Inform the media that you delivered the petitions either by writing a news release and emailing or faxing it to all media in your area or by calling news editors directly. Take some digital photos and video footage at the delivery to include with your news release and to post on your website.

Elected officials who are scared of the liberal media or even their own party leadership may particularly appreciate having many petitions to show that their constituents want them to vote in opposition to the liberal or party line.

The Conservative Caucus is a public policy organization, contributions to which are not tax deductible. The IRS has determined TCC to be a 501(c)(4) organization, exempt from Federal income tax. TCC can receive corporate donations.

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