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Member's Message 2019

The Newsletter of The Conservative Caucus

TCC Dear TCC Member,

Enclosed for you is the latest TCC Member's Message newsletter, which details the vicious attacks on President Trump coming from the angry, hard-core radicals just elected to Congress.

Angry radicals like 29-year-old Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, a self-described "Democratic Socialist" who calls impeaching President Trump a 'no-brainer" . . .

. . . and Rashida Tlaib – America's first Muslim Congresswoman – who bragged to a cheering, anti-Trump mob, "We're going to impeach the [expletive]!"

Unfortunately the momentum to impeach Trump is growing because so many newly elected House freshmen are far-Left, Trump-hating radicals.

So please help stop the anti-Trump Coup by making a donation of $15, $25, $50 or whatever you can afford today to TCC's 2019 Stand With Trump project.

Your donation will be used to help spread the word about the President's accomplishments using videos and brochures . . . fund an information "War Room" to refute fake news reports . . . put massive pressure on Republicans in Congress to Stand With Trump . . . and much more.

I hope you'll also complete your Best Way to Stop the Coup survey. Supporters like you are the financial backbone of this organization, and TCC's Board of Directors has asked for your input on the strategy for our 2019 Stand With Trump project.

As you're aware, TCC is building an army of 10 million patriots to counter the radical Left, the liberal media, the Deep State, the Republican Establishment, the Obama and Hillary Clinton holdovers still inside the government and everyone else who wants to drive our duly elected President from office.

I want to thank you again for being part of our citizen army. But you and I must do more. The anti-Trump Coup has grown stronger, angrier, and even more radical as a result of the November election. And we must grow stronger, too.

Please do your part by making a donation of $15, $25, $50 or whatever you can afford to TCC's 2019 Stand With Trump project. TCC will use your donation to help:

  • Distribute across the country a brochure that contains the Official White House list of 289 (and counting) Promises Kept by President Trump;
  • Produce videos highlighting promises Trump has kept, such as his nominations of Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, his tax cuts and achieving the lowest unemployment rate since 1969;
  • Create an information "War Room" to refute fake news reports;
  • Place massive pressure on Republicans in Congress (with petitions, emails, letters and phone calls from all across the country) to Stand With Trump; and much more.

Please don't let the newly energized (and even more radical) Left, the liberal news media, the Deep State and their allies destroy President Trump and force him from office.

For the sake of our children, our grandchildren and our country, help stop the anti-Trump Coup!


Peter Thomas
Peter J. Thomas, Chairman
The Conservative Caucus (TCC)

P.S. After reading your TCC newsletter, please fill out your Best Way to Stop the Coup survey. TCC's Board of Directors has asked for your input as we map out our 2019 Stand With Trump project.

IMPORTANT: Please donate $15, $20, $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to help TCC create a series of videos highlighting Trump promises kept, create an information "War Room" to refute the fake news reports about Trump; turn up the heat on Republicans in Congress to Stand With Trump against the Coup and much more.

P.P.S. Thank you again for your patriotism, and for supporting The Conservative Caucus.

TCC Patriots Stand with Trump as Hard-Core Socialists In Congress Vilify President, Gear Up for Impeachment


TCC's Stand with Trump project is "pulling out all the stops" against a new crop of hard-core socialists in Congress who are leading the charge to vilify, destroy, and eventually impeach President Trump.

"The inmates who took over the House asylum in January are even more radical than Speaker Nancy Pelosi," said TCC Chairman Peter J. Thomas.

"Whereas Pelosi at least pretended to be undecided about impeachment, these newly elected hard-core socialists are almost foaming at the mouth with their hatred of the President – and they're determined to drive him from office by any means necessary."

For example, a few days after being sworn in as the first female Muslim in Congress, Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan told a cheering, anti-Trump mob on Capitol Hill, "We're going to impeach the [expletive]!"

Another radical freshman, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, rushed to defend Tlaib. The 29-year-old Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that she supported her "sis," adding that the Bronx and Detroit "ride together."

Ocasio-Cortez is a self-described "Democratic Socialist" who supports "Medicare for all," a 70 percent federal tax rate, a federal jobs guarantee and free college tuition and calls impeaching Trump a "no brainer."

Yet another House freshman on a jihad against Trump is Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who says Trump is getting closer to impeachment "every day" – it's just a matter of "when and how." Omar is so radical she supports a tax rate of 90 percent (compared to Cortez's 70 percent.)

Omar also wrote on Twitter that "Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel."

Pressure from Congress's new "terrible trio" – Tlaib, Ocasio-Cortez and Omar – combined with that from the rest of the liberal Establishment, the hate-Trump news media and others, explains why TCC's Stand With Trump project has its work cut out for it.

With the liberal media fawning over Ocasio-Cortez, the liberal base energized from seizing control of the House, and the 2020 campaign season already underway, it's doubtful Pelosi or Senator Chuck Schumer will be able to put the brakes on the radical Left's demand for endless investigations of Trump, followed by impeachment.

Case in point: Instead of urging Tlaib to apologize for her foul-mouthed attack on the President, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reacted with this quip, "I'm not in the censorship business."

What's more, it's not just the bomb-throwing 20-somethings in Congress who want to impeach President Trump. On January 3, 2019 – the first day of the new Congress – longtime Democrat Reps. Brad Sherman of California and Al Green of Texas introduced Articles of Impeachment.

An impeachment resolution sponsored by Green in the previous Congress garnered 58 votes on the House floor and, as the House lurches even further Left, that number seems certain to increase.

Egging on the Trump-hating Left from outside Congress are high-profile celebrities and billionaires like Tom Steyer, who is pouring $90 million into an effort called "Need to Impeach." Steyer aims to make support for impeaching Trump a litmus test for all 2020 Democrat presidential candidates and has already warned Senator Elizabeth Warren and others: "If you're against impeachment, don't bother running. Save your time. Drive an Uber."

TCC's Peter J. Thomas says, "It's clear the radical Left is going to spend every minute of their time between now and the 2020 election harassing Trump
by endless investigations as they lay the groundwork for impeachment.

"That's why I'm so grateful for every TCC Patriot who has stepped up to the plate by joining our Stand With Trump project. President Trump needs your help now more than ever to combat the radical Left as well as the liberal media, the Deep State, the 'Never Trumpers' inside the Republican Establishment, the Obama and Hillary Clinton holdovers still inside the government and everyone else who wants to drive Trump from office."

TCC's special Stand With Trump project is based on the idea that in politics, as well as in sports, the best defense is a good offense. That is why TCC and its supporters will be publicizing the President's successes. We'll be telling the nation what the fake news won't: That the President is a man who keeps his promises and whose policies (despite massive opposition) have protected our liberty, sparked a booming economy, and made us more secure.

Specifically, TCC plans to:

  • Distribute across the country a brochure that contains the Official White House list of 289 (and counting) Promises Kept by President Trump;

  • Create a series of videos highlighting some of the more important Trump promises kept, such as his nominations of Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, his tax cuts, and pulling out of the disastrous Paris Climate Accord;

  • Place massive pressure on Republicans in Congress (with Petitions, emails, letters and phone calls from all across the country) to Stand With Trump against the coming drive by the liberal Democrat majority in the House to impeach and destroy the President; and much more.

In the coming weeks, the Democrat-controlled House, the radical Left, the fake news media and the Obama/Clinton deep state will be doing all they can to depict the President as a dishonest, corrupt and evil failure, and even attacking and investigating his family.

"Someone has to tell the truth, and that someone is us!" says Thomas.

With your continued support TCC will be standing toe-to-toe against the Left-wing impeachment lynch mob and aggressively pressuring Congressional Republicans to Stand With Trump as well. We must succeed, otherwise Trump will be driven from office and it's only a matter of time before the Left starts unraveling his conservative accomplishments and replacing it with their alarming – and increasingly popular – socialist agenda.

Left: Impeach Pence, Too -- and Make Pelosi President

In a January 21 Washington Post op-ed article headlined: "If Trump Is Impeachable, So Is Pence," a liberal law professor explains how Nancy Pelosi could become President without having to go to the trouble of, well, running for President.

All the Left has to do is impeach President Trump, then impeach Vice President Mike Pence, and presto! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi automatically becomes President.

At least that's what Professor Michael J. Glennon at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University seems to be advocating.

Glennon begins his opinion piece by assuming – "hypothetically" of course – that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report were to "establish conclusively that candidate Donald Trump engaged in electoral fraud or corruption by unlawfully coordinating his activities with the Russian government" (though no proof exists even after two years of investigation.)

Glennon's argument also assumes it can be proven that Trump "derived an electoral benefit from that coordination."

In that event, Glennon claims that not only could Trump be impeached, but Vice President Mike Pence could be impeached, too, because Pence would have benefitted from the scheme even if he was unaware of it.

And though Glennon makes no specific mention of Pelosi, the fact is that if both Trump and Pence were removed from office, Nancy Pelosi would become President, because the Speaker of the House is third in the line of presidential succession.

Glennon writes, "Clearly, the Framers wanted the theft of an election through fraud and corruption to be an impeachable offense" and quotes George Mason, who asked, "Shall the man who has practiced corruption and by that means procured his appointment in the first instance, be suffered to escape punishment" by allowing him to stay in office?"

Glennon concludes, "If Trump were impeachable for electoral fraud, therefore, Pence would be impeachable as well."

TCC Chairman Peter Thomas said the op-ed "proves once again what all of us conservatives already know: The Left will do anything to win! That includes using a crazy Left-wing conspiracy theory as the basis for overturning a legitimate election and putting in the White House someone so radical she couldn't get elected anywhere outside San Francisco."

Sen. Cruz Re-Introduces Term Limits Bill

Good news: The Term Limits legislation TCC is supporting has been re-introduced in Congress by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL).

S.J. Res. 1 and H.J. Res. 20 would establish a 28th Amendment to the Constitution limiting Senators to two 6-year terms and limiting Representatives to three 2-year terms.

TCC's grassroots campaign and advertising blitz points out that if limiting terms for the President is a good idea, limiting terms for Congress is also a good idea. After all, the corrupt crony government we have now is the main thing preventing President Trump from "Draining the Swamp" and Making America Great Again.

TCC hopes to make support for Term Limits a "litmus test" issue in next year's Congressional election by collecting and delivering up to 10,000,000 signed, pro-term limits petitions to Congress.

Although Congressional Term Limits is one of the most popular issues with voters – with polls consistently showing about 75 percent support – Washington politicians are whistling through the graveyard, hoping to ignore Term Limits.

Please, don't let them get away with it!

Our national grassroots and advertising campaign is aimed at convincing politicians that Term Limits is a make-or-break issue for voters in 2020. That requires persuading as many politicians as we can to jump on board and co-sponsor the Cruz-Rooney legislation.

The next step is to turn up the heat on the rest of Congress, with an emphasis on those facing competitive races. Our message to these professional politicians is either support Term Limits legislation and accept two or three more terms in office OR defy the 75 percent of voters who support Term Limits and serve zero more terms in office. The choice is yours!

Here's Proof the Inmates Are Running the Asylum

A recent Breitbart article tries to explain Congress's sudden lurch to the extreme Left, which poses a real challenge for conservatives who support President Trump's conservative policies and want to defend him from impeachment.

The article, headlined, "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Declares War on White, Moderate Democrats," points out that Ocasio-Cortez is part of a new, far-Left group called the "Justice Democrats," which opposes "Democratic incumbents who are demographically and ideologically out-of-touch with their districts."

Their agenda, Breitbart reports, is to recruit to run in Democrat primaries candidates who are women, "represent the diversity of communities in their district," and support Medicare For All, free college tuition, dismantling mass incarceration and deportations and a Green "New Deal."

Other "Justice Democrats" include Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar and "Palestinian American Representative-elect Rashida Tlaib, whose views are so hostile to Israel that even the Left-wing J Street organization withdrew its support for her campaign."

Alarmingly, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave both Tlaib and Ocasio-Cortez seats on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, which will be conducting endless investigations of Trump. The Committee is chaired by far-Left Congressman Elijah Cummings and includes Hillary Clinton ally Debbie Wasserman Schultz and others that even the liberal Politico describes as "progressive flamethrowers."

Chairing the House Intelligence Committee is the ever-obnoxious liberal Congressman Adam Schiff of California, who promises endless investigations of the Trump Administration.

In charge of the House Financial Services Committee is unhinged California Congresswoman Maxine Waters – whom President Trump refers to as 'Low IQ Maxine' and calls 'one of the most corrupt Members of Congress.'".

As if that's not enough, the new Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which is the Committee capable of launching impeachment proceedings against the President, is ultra-liberal Democrat Jerry Nadler of New York. Nadler has already promised to try to impeach Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and you can bet the President will also be one of his targets early in 2019.

Unfortunately, that's just the tip of the impeachment iceberg – a socialist iceberg with liberal Nancy Pelosi sitting on top.

That's yet another reason all patriots who love this country must Stand With Trump against the coming impeachment frenzy and the Coup, and why your continued support for TCC is so important.

Dear Peter,

Thanks for sending me my April 2019 Member's Message newsletter, which explains how the hard-core Leftists just elected to Congress are leading the charge to impeach President Trump.

I agree they are trying to drive Trump from office by any means necessary and pave the way for the radical Left to take control of Congress and the White House in 2020.

So of course I will continue to Stand With Trump against the Coup and support other important TCC projects such as Term Limits by making a donation of:

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