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Failure of Socialism, Success of Freedom

The Sad History of Socialism


Socialist regimes such as the Soviet Union and China killed about 150 million people in the 20th century – the greatest slaughter in all of history, which exceeded casualties from any war, including even World War II. Defenders of socialism react to the disasters and mass murders by just saying, “Next time we’ll do it right,” or pointing to any socialist country and claiming, “Well, that wasn’t real socialism.” This of course flunks any logic test, and the common definition of insanity seems to apply best: “doing the same thing in the same way and expecting different results.” Venezuela’s socialist disaster started with the election of Hugo Chavez, giving the regime the distinction of being a “democratic socialist” state, a term now favored by American socialists.

After socialist policies destroyed Venezuela’s economy, the government gradually became a dictatorship in order to keep socialism in place.



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