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Growing the Free Market Economy

Free Market

The free market has been proven as the most productive way to structure a society. The contrast is obvious if you look at images and stories from socialist countries where even the basics of food, water, energy and medicine become scarce, even in countries with fertile farmlands and other valuable resources. Just let people alone and they will build and make everything we need and want—in abundance and cheaply. It was Americanstyle free enterprise that brought tremendous prosperity to the U.S. and to billions of people around the world in other free countries.

Socialists argue that Scandinavian countries are perfect examples of socialism ‘working,’ but it’s the exact opposite. Any success in those economies comes in spite of, not because of, heavy socialist taxes, laws and regulations—and those exemplary countries have found it necessary to begin de-socializing their economies so as to enjoy greater prosperity.

Medicare for All
Guaranteed Income
Free college & student debt forgiven
Confiscatory taxation



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