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Americans for Constitutional Liberty (formerly The Conservative Caucus) has been a leading voice for conservatives for decades, helping to shape policy on a wide range of issues.Here are some of the issues we have been involved in over the years:Foreign Policy, Defense, The Panama Canal, Red China, United Nations, Stop Illegal Immigration, Border Security, Angola, International Criminal Court, Stop the UN Law of the Sea Treaty.Freedom, Society & Tyranny The Right to Life, Gun Grabbers, Homosexual Agenda, Abolish Legal Services, Executive Orders, Ballot Access, China PNTR Votes, Impeachment,Economy, IMF/World Bank, Federal Reserve, Red China Trade,  Unconstitutional Spending, Term Limits, ObamaCare

My donation is not earmarked for, nor is intended to be used for, (1) federal political purposes under the Federal Elections Campaign Act such as expressly advocating for an electoral result, (2) independent expenditures or other expenditures that influence elections, or (3) for purposes of furthering an independent expenditure.

The Conservative Caucus, a project of Americans for Constitutional Liberty, is a public policy organization, contributions to which are not tax deductible. The IRS has determined ACL to be a 501(c)(4) organization, exempt from Federal income tax. ACL can receive corporate donations.

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