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Candidates Supporting Term Limits for Members of Congress

2020 Congressional Candidates Supporting SJ Res 1 and HJ Res 20, a Constitutional Amendment to Impose Term Limits on Congress (shown only for those states where primaries have been held)

The candidates who have endorsed or co-sponsored the amendment are:

Barry Moore, District 2
Mo Brooks, District 5
Gary Palmer, District 6

Martha McSally, Senate
Andy Biggs, District 5
David Schweikert, District 6
Debbie Lesko, District 8

Ken Buck, District 4

David Perdue, Senate
Kelly Loeffler, Senate
Doug Collins, Senate
Rick Allen, District 1
Rich McCormick, District 7

Joseph Akana, District 2
Jonathan Hoomanawanui, District 2


Russ Fulcher, District 1
Aaron Swisher, District 2

Theresa Raborn, District 2
Jeanne Ives District 6
Rick Laib, District 11
Dani Brzozowski, District 16
Darin LaHood, District 18

Thomas Ferkinhoff, District 6
Trey Hollingsworth, District 9
Tonya Millis, District 9

Randy Feenstra, District 4

Tracey Mann, District 1

James Comer, District 1
Michael Craven, District 3
Thomas Massie, District 4

Sandra Christophe, District 5

Adrienne Bennett, District 2

Johnny Ray Salling, District 2
Gregory Coll, District 8

Tim Kelly, District 5
David Dudenhoefer, District 13

Michelle Fischbach, District 7

Ann Wagner, District 2
Gena Ross, District 6

Steve Daines, Senate
Matthew Rosendale, Sr., House

Ben Sasse, Senate
Don Bacon, District 2

Joseph Maridon, Jr., District 1

New Jersey
Rosemary Becchi, District 11

New Mexico
Yvette Herrell, District 2

New York
Lee Zeldin, District 1
Andrew Garbarino, District 2
Thomas Zmich, District 6


Mark Richardson, District 3

Vanessa Enoch, District 8
Warren Davidson, District 8

Kevin Hern, District 1
Frank Lucas, District 3

John Emmons, District 6
Daniel Meuser, District 9
Scott Perry, District 10
Fred Keller, District 12
Todd Rowley, District 13
John Joyce, District 13
Guy Reschenthaler, District 14
Luke Negron, District 18

South Carolina
Joe Cunningham, District 1
Nancy Mace, District 1
Jeff Duncan, District 3
Ralph Norman, District 5
Larry Hammond, District 7

Tim Burchett, District 2
Mark Green, District 7

Dan Crenshaw, District 2
Lance Gooden, District 5
Ron Wright, District 6
Michael Cloud, District 27

J. Robert Latham, District 2

John Collick, District 3
Bob Good, District 5
Timothy Hazelo, District 2

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