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Obama's Plan to Bring 200,000 Refugees

Congressional Opinion Research Survey
of 1,000,000 American Voters
On President Obama's Plan to Bring Thousands of Refugees from the Middle East to America

INSTRUCTIONS: Please mark the answers that come closest to your point of view.

ABOUT THIS SURVEY: In the next few days, we will deliver a full report on the results of this poll to . . .

  • Every member of Congress
  • 2016 candidates for President
  • All 50 Governors
  • The news media

QUESTION #3: ISIS has promised to launch much bigger attacks on U.S. cities than what we saw recently in Paris. How likely do you think it is that we will soon see major attacks by ISIS and/or al Qaeda on U.S. cities, similar or bigger than what just recently happened in Paris?

QUESTION #5: If President Obama is able to carry out his plan to bring thousands of refugees to America from the Middle East, probably including ISIS and al Qaeda terrorist operatives who infiltrate this refugee population to slip into America, how much easier and more likely will it become for ISIS and/or al Qaeda to create mass destruction and carnage on American soil?

ISSUE SUMMARY: According to a survey by Wenzel Strategies, 46 percent of American Muslims believe that Americans who criticize Islam should face criminal charges. 12 percent of American Muslims believe that those who criticize Islam should be put to death, while another 9 percent are undecided on this.

QUESTION #9: President Obama's plan to bring thousands of refugees to America from the Middle East requires a vote of Congress to approve funding. Would you like to see Congress use its authority under the U.S. Constitution to HALT any and all funding for this Obama action?

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