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Mr. President,

You claim you want to “heal” and “unify” America, and “restore the heart” of the country.  Today, as one of the 74 million American who voted against you, I demand you prove to me you will work for all Americans.

Specifically, I hereby demand that you:

-Instruct Nancy Pelosi to cancel her plans to send Articles of Impeachment against President Trump to the United States Senate

-Tell him to tell his billion dollar Big-tech donors at Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon to reverse their fascist campaign to censor conservatives and drive us off the internet.

-Condemn fake news media elites like Forbes editor Randal Lane who is warning companies not to hire Trump aides like Kayleigh McEnany and Kellyanne Conway. (And condemn those who want to “cancel” Trump supporters).

-Announce that you will neither instigate, nor support, any investigations, indictments, or prosecutions of President Trump, his family, his staff, or his supporters.

-Denounce attempts to silence, intimidate, and punish Trump associates and supporters.

-Apologize for comparing those who questioned the integrity of the 2020 elections “Nazis” and Trump supporters “thugs” and “terrorists.”

These steps would go a long way in proving you want to be President for all of us and I urge you to take them today.

I also want to put you and your fellow socialists on notice: We will not be intimidated, we will not be silenced, we will not be cowed, and we will never surrender.



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