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Welcome to the Re-elect President Trump website of The Conservative Caucus. This is where you will be able to find the information you need to make the case for giving the President four more years to fully restore America’s greatness. The liberal news media don’t want you to know these facts, but we have gathered them here for your convenient use.

Come here when you need information to expose the lies being told about the President. Send your friends here when they need to know the truth. Use this website to make yourself an effective advocate for the President.
We must all work together to guarantee victory in November.

Peter J. Thomas


“Early Monday, Joe Biden announced his intention to nominate California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, D-Calif, as U.S. secretary of Health and Human Services.”

But Becerra’s positions on government healthcare is disturbing. “He has supported a single-payer system for decades and continues to do so.”

Joe Biden has demonstrated that he plans to step up the war over American culture, especially when it comes to the right to life.

“A Los Angeles restaurant owner’s plea for help went viral after a video showing her, on the verge of tears, closing her business’s outdoor patio due to California’s newest COVID-19 restrictions while a movie set with tents, tables, and chairs was allowed to set up less than 50 feet away,” The Federalist reports.

The video is representative of the hypocrisy of lockdown orders that are shuttering small businesses while other industries are protected.

“A group of Wisconsin parents, along with School Choice Wisconsin, is suing the city of Racine after the city closed its schools, defying a Wisconsin Supreme Court restraining order preventing the city from closing the schools,” the Daily Wire reports.

A legal representative for some of the schools explained: “They’re having their schedules disrupted, they’re losing the benefits of in-person instruction.”\

“Alejandro “Al” Mayorkas is a left-wing Democrat with a history of doing favors for wealthy and politically connected people, including working to help suspected Chinese spies enter the country and convicted drug dealers get out of prison,” Christopher Bedford says of Biden’s DHS nominee.

“Last time he was in power, he administered President Barack Obama’s most anti-congressional use of executive power to accomplish amnesty. He also earned zero votes from the Republican minority when applying for that job.”

“A ‘social justice’ consulting firm that makes money providing ‘anti-racist’ training to corporations and educational facilities is funded solely by taxpayers,” the Washington Free Beacon revealed.

The government gave the firm $2 million. The first did not report any private donations.

The appointment of John Durham as Special Council could create major problems for the Biden aministration, but expect liberals to show their usualy hypocrisy, treating Durham very differently than they did Mueller.

The Seattle City Council may take up a resolution to prohibit prosecution of poor people for misdemeanors, which could include theft, assault, and property destruction.

This should not be surprising in a city which, despite its rising murder rate, wants to cut police funding.


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