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Welcome to the Re-elect President Trump website of The Conservative Caucus. This is where you will be able to find the information you need to make the case for giving the President four more years to fully restore America’s greatness. The liberal news media don’t want you to know these facts, but we have gathered them here for your convenient use.

Come here when you need information to expose the lies being told about the President. Send your friends here when they need to know the truth. Use this website to make yourself an effective advocate for the President.
We must all work together to guarantee victory in November.

Peter J. Thomas


“Attorney General William Barr has appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham to be special counsel in the criminal investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe,” according to the Daily Wire.

Barr has been authorized to investigate, “whether any federal official, employee or any person or entity violated the law in connection with the intelligence, counter-intelligence or law enforcement activities.”

December 2, 2020
Prepared by The Conservative Caucus

Despite denial by open borders advocates, illegal aliens add to the crime problem in the United States.  The stories below give some recent examples.

An illegal alien killed two people in California after being released rather than turned over to ICE for deportation.  California’s sanctuary policies prohibited cooperating with ICE to save the two lives.
Criminal alien arrested for double homicide after local law enforcement fails to honor ICE immigration detainers | ICE

Five MS-13 gang members, all illegal aliens, have been charged with murder in Texas.  The murder was especially brutal, with the victim hacked to death by machetes.
Five Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Members Charged with Murdering Informant (

An illegal alien in New York, wanted on multiple felony charges, was released by the police but finally caught and deported by ICE.
ICE removes Salvadoran foreign fugitive released from custody with active detainer | ICE

In California, an illegal alien has pleaded guilty to the murder of a police officer.
Illegal Alien Avoids Death Penalty, Pleads Guilty to Murdering Ron Singh (

The Conservative Caucus is a grassroots public policy action organization, formed in 1974.  It was active in defeating the SALT II Treaty, repealing the Catastrophic Coverage Act, blocking the Clinton health-care takeover, securing the impeachment of President Clinton by the House of Representatives, stopping amnesty for illegal aliens, persuading the House of Representatives to sue President Obama regarding ObamaCare, and promoting the confirmation of Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.
TCC supports increased border security and the passage of Federal legislation to punish sanctuary jurisdictions by cutting off Federal aid.

“Nearly every week in June and July, mainstream media news outlets singled out and slammed Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis for rising COVID-19 numbers,” The Federalist writes. Meanwhile, “the corporate media ignored Illinois, which recorded 15,415 cases in just one day.”

Why is the media ignoring Illinois, and focusing on Florida? Because Florida has a Republican governor, and Illinois does not.

“Steve Forbes slammed the push from Democratic lawmakers to pay off the student loan debts of everyone, or nearly everyone, in the country, calling it a slap in the face to people who sacrificed and worked hard to not be in debt from student loans,” according to the Daily Wire.

Forbes said radical propositions of student loan debt forgiveness, “makes people who paid their debts, took their obligations seriously, look like fools.”

Joe Biden appears ready to repeat the failed policies of the Obama administration.

“Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Robert Redfield said school “is one of the safest places” for children and data supports in-person learning.”

“We’ve gathered over the last two to three months and confirm that K-12 schools can operate with face-to-face learning and they can do it safely and they can do it responsibly,” Redfield said.

There is no need for the sort of broad shutdowns used this past spring to fight the spread of the virus.  Returning to that policy would unnecessarily harm many businesses and put people out of work.


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