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Repeal Executive Amnesty

NATIONAL OPINION SURVEY of 10,000,000 American Voters Concerning Barack Obama's Amnesty for 5,000,000 Illegal Aliens

Why Your Participation in This Survey and Petition Drive is So Important:

Please take just a few minutes of your valuable time to complete this survey and add your name to the petition.

We will deliver a report on the results of this survey to every Member of the House and Senate. And we will deliver you're signed petitions to your two U.S. Senators.

Our goal is to collect 10,000,000 of these signed petitions for delivery to the Senate from voters, like you, who want the Congress to immediately HALT all taxpayer funding for Barack Obama's illegal executive actions granting AMNESTY to 5,000,000 illegal aliens living in the United States, by passing "The Repeal Executive Amnesty Act of 2015" (HR 191 in the House and S 129 in the Senate).

This should be the largest survey and petition drive on amnesty for illegal aliens ever conducted. So you can be sure this enormous survey and petition drive will also deserve wide media coverage.

Please also be sure to complete the DONATION SECTION on the next page.

We cannot win this battle without your support and active participation.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please select the answers that come closest to your opinion. Your answers will be tabulated and included in the total of a survey report we will deliver to every Member of Congress and to the news media. Leave blank any questions you prefer not to answer.

ISSUE SUMMARY: Congress has the power right now to immediately HALT all funding for Barack Obama's illegal executive actions granting amnesty to 5,000,000 illegal aliens now living in America. Congress has the authority under Article I, Sec. 8 of the U.S. Constitution to decide what to spend money on and what not to spend money on. This is the "power of the purse" in the Constitution that allows Congress to rein in an out-of-control President by simply cutting off funding. The President cannot spend money Congress does not authorize him to spend.

QUESTION #4: How concerned are you about the BILLIONS of dollars American taxpayers will have to pay for welfare, education, health care, and social services for all these poor and uneducated illegal aliens Obama wants to make America's responsibility?

QUESTION #6: Would you like to see Congress require the double-barrier border security fence to be fully built along the U.S.-Mexico border immediately, as was required under the Secure Fence Act of 2006 — a law which Barack Obama has failed to implement?

Official U.S. Citizen's Petition To Congress
Demanding Immediate Passage of  
The Repeal Executive Amnesty Act of 2015

(Bill Number HR 191 in the House and S 129 in the Senate)

As you know, President Obama has announced his refusal to enforce U.S. immigration law and his intention to illegally grant amnesty to an estimated 5,000,000 illegal aliens now living in America.

Most of these illegal aliens are poor, low-education people who will immediately go onto America's welfare rolls.

As a voter in your state, I implore you to co-sponsor and vote for "The Repeal Executive Amnesty Act of 2015" (S 129) that will immediately HALT all funding for President Obama's illegal amnesty executive actions.

Congress, under the Constitution, holds the "power of the purse." Congress alone decides what to spend taxpayer money on, and what not to spend money on. Obama cannot force Congress to spend money. Obama has no authority to spend money without Congress approval.

It's obvious that Obama's goal is to transform the American electorate so he can lock in a permanent majority for his socialist agenda by rapidly increasing the number of Americans dependent on welfare. Many of these illegal aliens can't even speak English, and have no knowledge of America's history, heritage of liberty, or of what makes America great.

No doubt, this is also just the first step in Obama's plan to fulfill his pledge to "fundamentally transform" America. He has already indicated that he wants to grant amnesty to millions more illegal aliens who broke America's laws to get into America.

This tidal wave of illegal aliens flooding across our southern border is costing taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars — not to mention all the increased crime, drug trafficking, and gang mayhem.

Again, I strongly urge you to co-sponsor and to vote for "The Repeal Executive Amnesty Act of 2015" and to take all steps necessary to STOP the tidal wave of illegal aliens coming over our border.

I will be monitoring your actions on this closely.


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  3. 3. Donor is not a foreign national who lacks permanent resident status.
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