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Restricting Freedom of Speech

Restricting Freedom of Speech

Our beloved First Amendment and our tradition of supporting free speech is under attack. Why?

Because if you must be ultra-careful what you
say, fearing someone will be offended, you will
be silent about defending our liberties and free
speech itself.

This is censorship. Increasingly, the left-wing tech and social media companies are censoring conservative thought online, universities require students to be indoctrinated in socialist ideas, and violent socialist gangs like Antifa and Black Lives Matter assault people who are peacefully expressing conservative views.

Campaigns for public office are increasingly another battleground in the war on free speech, with proposals for a Constitutional amendment to give Congress the power to put so-called “reasonable” restrictions on free speech. Do you trust Congress to decide whether election-related speech is “reasonable?” Other proposals include ‘public financing’ of elections, where campaigns could only spend a limited amount of money—a gift to entrenched incumbents and those the media favors with free positive coverage.

Their long-term goal? To institute a socialist-type regime in America. Free speech is our defense and must be defended.



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