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Stand with Trump on the Border Emergency B (TCCD1021)

Stand With Trump On The Border Emergency Petition

Stand With Trump


To: The Republican Leadership of the 116th Congress

Whereas, there is a REAL and GROWING national security and humanitarian crisis on our border with Mexico; and

Whereas,  the President has taken a stand by declaring a national emergency on our border with Mexico; and

Whereas,  barring a liberal Court order preventing it, this will allow the President to take $5.7 billion from other projects to begin real construction of a much needed Wall on the border; and

Whereas,  the Pelosi/Schumer Democrat left the President no choice by refusing to negotiate in good faith on The Wall and other actions needed to end the national security and humanitarian crisis on the Mexican border;

Whereas,  I and millions of other Americans stand with the President on border security, The Wall, and his National Border Emergency Declaration;

Therefore,  I hereby urge you not to cave in to Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat socialists and their hate-Trump allies in the fake news media and Stand With the President until The Wall is fully built and our border secure.


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