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Stop Socialism

Welcome to our Stop Socialism Command Center!


Here you’ll find the information you need to arm yourself against the socialist onslaught that threatens to undermine America’s foundation and destroy the liberty we all cherish. Read Art Harman’s introductory essay (Art is a member of the TCC Board of Directors), which explains why socialism always fails and why capitalism and freedom are the only true path to prosperity.

Click Here for the PDF: What is Socialism Essay

Then go to the links below to explore several historical and modern-day examples of the failure of socialism. Read all about how the socialist policies being proposed right now by American leftists will only lead to less freedom and more government tyranny, and how President Trump and his conservative policies have created an economic boom simply by unleashing the power of the free market. Finally, discover the ways in which the Left is trying to rig our constitutional and electoral systems in order to make it easier to impose socialism on the entire country. Knowledge is power. Together, we can stop socialism and promote freedom in America. 

LINKS to more information on Socialism: 

Failure of Socialism, Success of Freedom

Socialism Today - The Green New Deal and More

Growing the Free Market Economy

Indirect Roads to Socialism

Other liberal policies to promote socialism: 

Open Borders


Packing the Supreme Court

Abolishing the Electoral College

Restricting Freedom of Speech



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