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Term Limits Petition 2021 (SLD)

A Special Project of The Conservative Caucus


To: All Members of the 117th Congress up for Re-election in 2022,

I, the undersigned, do hereby demand that you publicly make known your position on TERM LIMITS for Congress and join the effort to pass term limits legislation here in 2021.  Your constituents, the people of the United States, deserve to know where you stand on this crucial issue for the survival of our Republic.

Specifically, I demand to know if you have, or will, support Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) Term Limits legislation to adopt a 28th Amendment to the Constitution. 

This Amendment, if passed and adopted by the states, would:

1) Require a Representative to leave after serving a maximum of three terms; and

2) Require a Senator to leave after serving a maximum of two terms.

The Founders always envisioned a “Citizens’ Congress” dedicated to serving the greater good of the country for a limited time and then returning home to civilian life afterwards.  They did not envision the all-but-permanent, do-nothing, power-hungry, glory-seeking, self-serving Congress we are suffering with today.  

I hope you agree.  I hope you will publicly pledge today your position on Senator Ted Cruz’s Term Limits Amendment … and I will be watching very closely to hear your response … most especially the response of my own elected officials up for re-election in 2022.



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