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Hatred of President Trump caused liberals to wildly exaggerate the likely effects of the coronavirus.  Now the truth is coming out.
“The Chinese Communist Party’s list of transgressions is long and shameful. But knowing they were dealing with one of the most infectious diseases in modern history and still allowing 7-9 million Chinese New Year celebrants to leave the country—that’s beyond the pale, even by Beijing standards,” the... Read More
Voters recognize that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her liberal colleagues are exploiting this emergency with partisan games instead of joining with President Trump for a prompt and united response. Read More
The models showing extremely high hospitalization and death rates have turned out to be wrong, but you won't hear that from the media.
Even the Washington Post labeled Joe Biden a liar for his criticism about the President and the coronavirus.
“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has political priorities. During negotiations over the three Wuhan coronavirus stimulus bills, Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., tried to include loans for abortion providers, as well as a bailout of the Obamacare exchanges that would end... Read More
We cannot remain at home forever.  The Trump administration has worked out a sensible plan for getting America back to work while still protecting our health.
Under the leadership of President Trump, the United States is dealing with the coronavirus more effectively than many other nations.
President Trump is not the only one to suffer from the FBI's failure to follow the rules in FISA investigations.  The Inspector General's investigation has not yet found a single case where the FBI followed the rules. Read More
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo does not want us to know that New York's own laws have contributed to the shortage of hospital capacity.


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