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Predictions that Obama would turn loose more of the prisoners in Guantanamo will probably be proven true very soon.
Katie Pavlich reminds us why the House must take action against the IRS.  
After a long delay, the House Judiciary Committee has agreed to hold impeachment hearings on IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.  
ACL led a lonely fight to persuade the House that it should sue Obama in Federal Court for his violations of the laws.  Many said such a suit would be dismissed out of hand and was a waste of time.  Finally the House agreed to sue on one point regarding ObamaCare subsidies.Today a Federal... Read More
Even the liberal Washington Post finds that the Islamic State is holding its own against Obama. Read More
Despite all the claims that the border is secure and attempted crossings on the decline, facts show the opposite.
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley told a Congressional committee why the Guantanamo prison for terrorists should be kept open rather than bringing the terrorists to the U.S.
While liberals have ridiculed the idea that Islamic extremists would come to the US as refugees, this Washington Post article documents that exactly that has been done to get terrorists into Europe. Read More
Rep. Vern Buchanan is fighting against Obama's rush to bring refugees to the US, and has introduced legislation to improve the process of screening out terrorists. 
Judging from the comments during yesterday's oral arguments, liberals will not be able to swing over either Kennedy or Roberts to support Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens.


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