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John Podhoretz of the New York Post points out that Justice Scalia's opinion in the Michigan case was the one most in line with the US Constitution.
Do millions of sign-ups prove the "success" of ObamaCare?  Scott Atlas warns of what lies ahead -- "unconscionable waits for care, overt restrictions on access to tests, drugs, and treatments, worse treatment outcomes".Read more: Read More
Jay Cost of the Weekly Standard sums up why conservatives (and many others) oppose ObamaCare.
Jeffrey Anderson of the Weekly Standard reminds us why ObamaCare must be repealed, no matter how often Obama and his allies declare victory.
Derided by liberals as a waste of time, the House investigation of the IRS scandal has exposed the lies of the Obama administration and liberal members of Congress.  A New York Post editorial discusses the committee's findings thus far.
Secret emails show that Lois Lerner was plotting with others to make a criminal case against groups critical of Obama. 
E. W. Jackson draws on his personal experience to demonstrate the hypocrisy of liberals who accuse conservatives of racism.
Kevin Williamson of National Review wonders why the Obama administration is so determined to enforce the law (as it sees the law) in regard to the desert tortoise, but not when it conmes to immigration, ObamaCare, the IRS, etc.
Megan McArdle discusses the changes in the way the Census Bureau asks about health insurance coverage.
A Gallup poll shows Americans saying that both Federal and state taxes are too high.


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