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Michael Barone reviews how charges  of collusion between Trump and Russia have led to the discovery of collusion among Obama administration officials at Justice to help Hillary Clinton.
The Inspector General has formally referred McCabe's case for possible prosecution. Read More
Lying to the FBI is a crime, even when done by a leading FBI official.
The Inspector General's report shows that Andrew McCabe was guilty of telling multiple lies to the FBI.  Special Counsel Mueller has been indicting people who lied to the FBI.  Will the Department of Justice take appropriate action against McCabe, or does a double standard still rule DOJ?h... Read More
Parkland High School has been part of a liberal experiment to provide criminal students with counseling in place of punishment.  It has not worked out well.
Comey's anti-Trump diatribe has failed to meet liberal expectations.  It will not lead to impeachment.
The following has been sent to newspapers around the United States. Dear editor:The House of Representatives has defeated a Balanced Budget Amendment, the measure being supported by a majority of 233 members rather than the necessary two-thirds.For fiscal conservatives, that defeat is a good th... Read More
The raid on Michael Cohen's office could be a turning point -- in favor of Trump.
President Trump has issued a progress report on his enhanced vetting to prevent terrorists from arriving, and only Chad has taken the necessary steps to resume normal immigration. Read More
The polls show increasing approval for President Trump, even as the Trump-haters reach new heights of invective.


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