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White House Chief of Staff Mulvaney found his remarks twisted by the news media in another attempt by them to smear the President.
After Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer stormed out of a bipartisan meeting with the president on the situation in Syria, “other Democrats who remained ended up having an otherwise productive meeting on foreign policy and military strategy, according to a top House Republican,” accord... Read More
The deceitful actions of Rep. Adam Schiff deserve nothing less than censure.
Schiff and other impeachers are operating in secret, leaking only what they want known.  Fairness demands bringing the witnesses into the open with public testimony.
Some Democrat presidential candidates want to, “punish religious organizations whose teachings don’t support same-sex marriage by stripping them of tax-exempt status.”In the CNN townhall on LGBT issues Democrats showed the American people how radical they really are. Read More
Hugh Hewitt shows how unfair and rigged the current impeachment process is, breaking with the Nixon and Clinton precedents.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has confirmed what the Trump administration has been saying all along—that the controversial July 25 call contained no attempt at “blackmail” and that the transcript released by the President himself was accurate.Meanwhile, Democrats launch full speed ahead in... Read More
by Peter J. ThomasWe know that the men who wrote the Constitution did a fine job because it has lasted, without fundamental change, for more than two centuries.  We are now seeing the wisdom of the way they framed the impeachment process, but also how it is still subject to abuse.The delegates... Read More
Democrats have been dreaming of impeachment since the day the president was elected. The latest push for impeachment is another partisan attempt to undo what the American people decided in 2016.Arizona Representative Andy Biggs urged Americans to join him in urging corrupt Adam Schiff to be, “remove... Read More
“With her late-September impeachment announcement, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., ditched historical precedent by not putting the matter to a vote first,” according to conservative commentator Mark Levin.Speaking with a constitutional scholar, Levin asked if this may indeed be indicative of a parti... Read More


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