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In this column, Victor Davis Hanson perceptively reviews the ways in which the FBI investigation of Clinton's email gave priority to protecting Clinton and Obama.  Discovering the truth and enforcing the law were put aside, as the FBI instead acted as if it were a part of the Clinton presidenti... Read More
The House is likely to vote this week on two bills dealing with illegal aliens.  The bill sponsored by Rep. Bob Goodlatte (HR 4760) would accomplish most of what President Trump has asked for, including the wall, other border security measures, sanctions on sanctuary cities and states, and more... Read More
The report by the Inspector General of the Department of Justice proves what objective observers aleady knew.  Justice and the FBI were biased in favor of Clinton and against Trump.As these two columns show, the attitude of the FBI leadership was that Clinton must be cleared and Trump must be s... Read More
Victor Davis Hanson reminds us in the article below that the Obama administration worked hard to impede investigations by the government's Inspectors General, and worked even harder to cover up the results when investigations did take place.Thanks to the election of President Trump, we are finally l... Read More
Even this Washington Post writer admits that President Trump has reason to accuse Canada of using enormously high tariffs to discriminate against US imports.Previous US presidents were willing to let Canada get away with it, but not Trump.  If Canadians want the benefit of trade with the US, th... Read More
The sluggish economy we suffered under Obama was an important reason Americans demanded change in 2016.  President Trump has delivered, and we now have a booming economy.But Trump's enemies cannot admit what is obvious.  They won't give him the credit for what he has done.  Please rea... Read More
With the economy booming and Trump's approval rising in the polls, Democrats continue to hope that a huge outpouring of their voters in November will carry them to victory.  Then they would impeach Trump.As the Los Angeles Times notes, the California primary did not support those hopes.  I... Read More
While the United Nations pursues its left-wing, one-world goals, the United States must be willing to stand alone, speaking the truth.President Trump has the courage to do that, while former President Obama was nothing but a patsy for the UN.  The liberal media may denounce President Trump, but... Read More
Trump's border wall is under construction in the San Diego area, significantly increasing border security.Even The Washington Post, in an article today, conceded that border walls make it much easier to keep out illegal aliens.  President Trump is making a difference, even though he has not had... Read More
The Left says it wants to fight the 2018 elections on the issue of ObamaCare and even more extreme government control of our health care.  Conservatives should welcome that challenge.Stephen Moore, in this article on ObamaCare, reminds us that government interference in health care means that w... Read More


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