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South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley told a Congressional committee why the Guantanamo prison for terrorists should be kept open rather than bringing the terrorists to the U.S.
While liberals have ridiculed the idea that Islamic extremists would come to the US as refugees, this Washington Post article documents that exactly that has been done to get terrorists into Europe. Read More
Rep. Vern Buchanan is fighting against Obama's rush to bring refugees to the US, and has introduced legislation to improve the process of screening out terrorists. 
Judging from the comments during yesterday's oral arguments, liberals will not be able to swing over either Kennedy or Roberts to support Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens.
The Supreme Court will hear arguments today on President Obama's unconstitutional amnesty for illegal aliens.  
Obama claims "momentum" against the Islamic State, but Investors Business Daily points out that the enemy is still making progress in many areas.
The IRS knows that some Illegal aliens are using stolen Social Security numbers, but allows it to continue. 
Bret Stephens explains how leftists contribute to the expansion of radical Islamic beliefs.
Obama's destruction of the Libyan government has allowed the Islamic State to establish a strong presence and prepare for terrorist operations against the US. 
Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter may have admitted more than he intended when he talked about taking "the fight to ISIL both where it began as a tumor and where it has metastasized."  Just who was the president who allowed it to "metastasize" while he flippantly referred to it as the junior v... Read More


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