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“A Trump administration effort to make more affordable, short-term medical insurance plans available to more people despite Obamacare’s onerous regulations survived a federal court challenge on Friday,” Conservative Review reports.Judge Richard Leon upheld a regulation that allowed for more extensiv... Read More
“The more [Republicans in Congress] allow Democrats to focus on the needs of illegal aliens rather than those of Americans, the more border agents are being assaulted without any response from our government. Very few illegal aliens are being prosecuted for anything, including assaulting border agen... Read More
“Democrats were for rule of law when it comes to the Mueller probe, which did not find that the president broke the law. But they are against rule of law when it comes illegal immigrants who have been found by a federal judge to be in violation of U.S. immigration law,” Marc Thiessen points out at t... Read More
Sources within the FBI have told John Solomon that the agency thoroughly investigated the Steele dossier and found the information worthless.  Nevertheless, that information was used to launch a politically-motivated investigation of the Trump campaign. Read More
“The overwhelming majority of Americans, including most swing voters, want Republicans to simply enforce our immigration laws and prioritize the needs of Americans over the desires of illegal aliens.”So the question remains, why won’t, “the elites of the bipartisan oligarch in Washington will catch... Read More
“What is going on in this country right now, especially on Capitol Hill, is nothing short of deceitful behavior which intentionally distorts the truth in order to win a political battle,” Tom Homan writes at Fox News.“The issues surrounding zero tolerance and the conditions of confinement at Border... Read More
Democrats want to make DC a state so as to gain two more senators and increase their chance of a Senate majority.Americans refuse to support this power grab, with 64% opposed and only 29% in favor.  The Washington Post had to go back 12 years to find some favorable polling.https://www.washingto... Read More
“Just over a month ago, critics pilloried President Trump for his threat to impose tariffs on Mexico unless it did more to stem the tide of Central American migrants flooding into the United States,” Henry Olsen writes at the Washington Post. But, “this week it appears that Trump’s decision and Mexi... Read More
“Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin called out Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for standing before a national audience earlier Thursday and giving advice to illegal aliens on how to evade or escape deportation by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.“She’s putting ICE agents... Read More
The Anti-American thinking of some of the most extreme members of the Democrat Party is not becoming mainstream dogma for Leftist.The idea of America being a bastion of freedom and liberty are not how, “elites in academia, media, entertainment, and the Democratic Party see America today.”https://the... Read More


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