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“Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman, two lawyers and Black Lives Matter protesters who hit the streets of Brooklyn following the death of George Floyd, face up to life in prison for allegedly setting a police vehicle ablaze via Molotov cocktail,” the Daily Wire reports.The Daily Beast had reported on... Read More
Restrictions supposedly intended to reduce the spread of the virus are being applied so as to single out churches for especially harsh treatment, despite the First Amendment.
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that "temporary" really means temporary, overturning a lower court ruling that seemed to say temporary meant permanent.
Violent protests broke out and a police station was targeted in Lancaster, Pennsylania, after a police officer shot a man who came after him with a knife.  According to The Washington Post, the man was awaiting trial for having stabbed four other people.There can now be no doubt that the radica... Read More
“A leading Senate Republican is questioning whether deletions from more than two dozen cellphones used by the special counsel’s team in the Trump-Russia probe were part of a ‘widespread intentional effort to scrub data from the devices,” according to the Daily Signal.Senator Chuck Grassley, chairman... Read More
“Two Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies are fighting for their lives after they were ambushed "without warning or provocation" while sitting in their patrol vehicle on Saturday,” according to Conservative Review.“One male deputy and one female deputy were ambushed as they sat in their patrol vehi... Read More
While the group, “Sportsmen and Sportswomen for Biden,” says the presidential hopeful will protect the abilities of Americans to use firearms for, “hunting and shooting,” the Second Amendment is about much more than recreation. Amy Swearer at the Daily Signal recounts 10 instances of guns being used... Read More
“Numerous cell phones from special counsel Robert Mueller’s team were “accidentally wiped” before the Department of Justice inspector general was able to review the devices, according to newly released government records,” the Daily Wire reports.Fox News reports that, “records show at least several... Read More
September 9, 2020Prepared by The Conservative CaucusDespite denial by open borders advocates, illegal aliens add to the crime problem in the United States.  The stories below give some recent examples.A nationwide sweep by ICE brought in more than 2,000 illegal aliens, with at least 85% said to... Read More
“Highly paid consultants spouting toxic racist concepts meant to transform society, and ignobly masking them as “anti-racism” training, are to be shown the door of the federal workforce,” Mike Conzalez writes at the Daily Signal.The so-called “Anti-racist” training is actually overtly racist, labell... Read More


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