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Donald Trump’s recently announced immigration policy of merit-based immigration is, “the best way forward to fix our broken immigration system.”“The American people are tied of our broken immigration system, and we demand a common-sense reform,” the article concludes. Read More
The situation at the border is a crisis, a crisis that both sides of the political aisle should be concerned about. “The criminal elements are more empowered than ever to bring in gangs, criminals, and drugs. Indeed, America is a bigger dumping ground than ever before.”https://www.conservativereview... Read More
“The House is putting to a vote this week a bill that would threaten the health coverage of 1.5 million people,” the Daily Signal reports.As if that were not bad enough, “Last week, House Democrats voted to undercut innovation that’s led to lower premiums and higher enrollment, while protecting peop... Read More
Law professor John Eastman explained Sunday night how Mueller’s report topples every standard of justice. “We presume innocence unless we can prove otherwise,” Eastman said. “His report presumes guilt unless Trump can prove otherwise, and it is a fundamental altering of our very basic conceptio... Read More
“According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), April set yet another record, with a total of 109,000 apprehensions at the southwest border,” the Conservative Review reports.“The entire purpose of our federal government is to care for Americans, not foreign invaders.”https://www.conservativerevie... Read More
Democrats have access to all but two full lines and seven partial lines of the Mueller Report, but are still accusing Attorney General William Barr of covering up evidence.“What Democrats really want is to go through Mueller’s evidence themselves, so they can cherry-pick information for their 22 inv... Read More
“[A]ngry at special counsel Robert Mueller’s unhelpful conclusion that President Donald Trump was not in cahoots with the Russians during the 2016 campaign, Democrats are desperately searching for something, anything, that they can use to impeach the Mueller report by impugning the integrity of Atto... Read More
TCC Chairman Peter Thomas sent the letter below to newspapers across the country.Dear Editor:The Mueller Report is out, and to any fair-minded reader it is clear that it provides no grounds for impeachment.  Despite the hype from the anti-Trump left, there was no obstruction of justice.  T... Read More
“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) discovered more than 1,000 fake families trying to sneak across the southwest U.S. border,” the Daily Caller reports.Officials have also noticed a 315% increase in the number of faked family units crossing the border illegally. Read More
Genevieve Wood at The Daily Signal promotes “four guiding principles” for immigration reform, that include “respect[ing] the consent of the governed,” preserving “American assimilation,” and respecting, “the rule of law.”“Let’s stay focused on what is best for the welfare of all Americans, both thos... Read More


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