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Do What Works – Build the Wall

The partial government shutdown continues because Congressional Democrats are determined that border security funds should only be spent on what will not secure the border.
That accusation may seem harsh, but consider the facts.  The Democrats, led by Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, insist that they will spend no money on a wall, but only on technological solutions.  They think no one will remember that the Bush and Obama administrations took the technology approach, and suffered embarrassing failure.
Expected to be the solution to border security, the original plan assured Americans that electronic gadgets would be superior to walls and fencing.  Seven billion dollars worth of radar, cameras, and heat sensors on 80-foot high towers would detect illegal crossings, and the Border Patrol would respond. 
The first attempt was described by The Washington Post in June 2009 as “plagued with snafus” and Homeland Security announced that it was time for a “do-over”.
By January 2011, the Obama administration was forced to admit that the “do-over” was also a failure.  Despite extended deadlines and cost overruns, it was just not working and the whole project was canceled.
Technology may be a helpful supplement to a wall and other physical barriers, but cannot be a substitute.  The wall will be a key and indispensable element in securing the border.  Even the liberal Washington Post has admitted that the existing wall near San Diego has been “effective at stopping people”.  The Government Accountability Office, in its March 2018 report on border security, cited the Border Patrol as praising such physical barriers because they support “agents’ ability to respond to illicit cross-border activities by slowing the progress of illegal entrants.”  This is the answer to claims that the wall will be ineffective because some people may climb over it.  The wall does not have to stop everyone, it need only slow them down long enough for the Border Patrol to arrive.
Building the wall will not be the total solution.  We need to reform our asylum laws so that they are not a loophole exploited by many who do not qualify for asylum. We need more judges to eliminate the backlog for asylum hearings.  We need to test new technology and determine whether it can help.
Nevertheless, without the wall, our border cannot be secured.  Democrats in Congress should admit that fact and provide funding for the wall.

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