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Indirect Roads to Socialism

Free college & student debt forgiveness

It’s free! Most colleges and universities used to be generally affordable. Students could work during the summer and part-time during classes and cover their tuition. When they graduated they would owe little or nothing. Then socialist politicians messed it up with freebies. Easy government student loans removed all market pressure at universities to keep tuition affordable, and prices soared because students and parents didn’t have to write a check. The sad result is that graduates are entering the job market with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, which will prevent them from affording decent housing and saving for their family and retirement. 

Now, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and others are calling for forgiving $50,000 in student debt for most borrowers. It does not take a calculator to imagine that the minimum tuition at even community and online colleges would rise to at least $50,000 for four years. Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) goes farther, promising to magically “wipe out” $1.6 trillion in student loans and make public universities and other schools “free.”

Others are pushing “free college” as well. Sure, free like “free healthcare.” Free college would offer colleges a free gravy train for unlimited people. But of course, taxes would have to be hiked to cover the costs, and every college would just demand higher and higher tuition because the government would pay whatever they charge. There is also the question of quality. Even The Washington Post reported that nations providing free college deliver only something comparable to American community colleges.

Many colleges today are essentially socialist indoctrination camps, where students are required to study insane leftist subjects and bow to those who demand punishments for not calling someone by the pronoun and gender they demand. Beyond the fiscal insanity of making college free or cancelling student debt, the serious point is that some Americans would be far better off attending a trade school and getting a highly paid skilled job with little or no debt—and skipping the mandatory socialist indoctrination – but that would not suit the Left. 



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