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Mueller Report Exonerates Trump

TCC Chairman Peter Thomas sent the letter below to newspapers across the country.

Dear Editor:

The Mueller Report is out, and to any fair-minded reader it is clear that it provides no grounds for impeachment.  Despite the hype from the anti-Trump left, there was no obstruction of justice.  The report itself makes clear, first, that there was no collusion to be covered up by obstruction.  Second, the report states that Trump’s concern was that the effectiveness of his presidency would be affected by a long investigation into a non-existent “crime”, not that he was trying to protect any criminal.  Despite his legitimate concern about the effect of Mueller’s activity, Trump accepted the recommendation of his staff and allowed the investigation to continue with the cooperation of the executive branch.

We should now be able to put this behind us, but many in Congress would prefer to divert the attention of the public with loose talk about presidential crimes and impeachment.  Without this diversion, American might begin paying more attention to the radical agenda of open borders, destroying our energy industry, raising taxes, undermining Medicare, and putting criminals back on the streets.

Let’s have a debate about policy, instead of rehashing debunked accusations against the President.


Peter J. Thomas

Chairman, The Conservative Caucus

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