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Trump's Impressive Accomplishments

TCC Chairman Peter Thomas sent this letter to the editor to hundreds of papers today.


Dear editor:

President Trump’s many accomplishments in less than two years should not be overshadowed by anonymous accusations similar to those once aimed at President John Adams by “senior administration officials” within the Adams administration.

Trump’s tax cuts and deregulation have produced a booming economy, with unemployment dropping despite people returning to the work force after dropping out during the previous administration.  Unemployment for blacks and Hispanics is at the lowest level ever recorded, and the lowest in 18 years for women.  There has been a surge in manufacturing jobs, something Trump’s critics had thought impossible.

The poverty rate is declining and the median national income has achieved a record high.

The dire predictions about disaster from a Trump presidency have been overpowered by hard, undeniable facts.

It took many years for the reputation of John Adams, despite his accomplishments, to recover from wild accusations that he was a rage-filled maniac who could not effectively function as president.  Let’s hope that President Trump will be appreciated with no such delay.


Peter J. Thomas


The Conservative Caucus

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