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Why Voters Still Support Trump and the Republicans

TCC Chairman Peter Thomas sent this letter to the editor to newspapers across the United States.

Dear editor:

Some are claiming, in the wake of Ohio’s special election, that President Trump is being repudiated by the voters.  A closer look at the facts makes that doubtful.

Since Trump’s inauguration there have been nine special house elections for Republican-held seats.  The GOP has won eight, losing one by a very narrow margin.  President Trump’s approval rating is equal to what it was when he became president, and recent polling shows that Republicans have pulled almost even with Democrats in the generic congressional vote.

It is not surprising that those who voted for Trump (and even some conservatives who did not) are still supporting him.  President Trump has been unusually faithful to his campaign promises.

Taxes have been cut at all income levels.  Illegal aliens are being arrested and deported.  The US embassy has been moved to Jerusalem.  The military is being strengthened.  Social Security and Medicare have been protected.  Job-killing regulations are being rolled back.  The economy is booming, and minority unemployment is approaching record-low levels.

Perhaps most important, the President has put one highly-qualified constitutionalist on the Supreme Court, with another likely to take his seat before the end of the year.

If all presidents had the integrity to keep their promises in this way, Americans might have more confidence in our political system.



Peter J. Thomas


The Conservative Caucus

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