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Multiple Videos show immigrants from the approaching caravan storming a port of entry, screaming, “yes, we can!” while US helicopters circled overhead. Tear gas was fired at the invading immigrants and the crowd was dispersed within an hour.Democrats have ridiculed President Trump for warning of the... Read More
Before the Democrats take over the House on January 3, Republicans still enjoy a brief period in the majority. Conservative Republicans in the House are calling for the GOP to use the lame-duck session to make good on Trump’s promises and secure Conservative victories.“Republicans still have an oppo... Read More
After Democrats took control of the House, a Civil War broke out within the Democrat party after some Democratic House members openly opposed Nancy Pelosi’s bid for Speaker of the House. Now, 17 Democrats have pledged to vote against her.  That would probably be enough to prevent her from reach... Read More
During the lame-duck period, Republicans in Congress are provided with an opportunity to confirm Trump nominated Judges, filling vacancies that are at a disturbing high.“We are in the longest period of triple-digit judicial vacancies since the early 1990s…. More than half of the current vacancies ar... Read More
Conservatives are overwhelmingly in favor of replacing the professional politicians in Congress with a citizen’s legislature through term limits, according to a poll conducted by The Conservative Caucus.  This change had the support of 98% of those who responded to the poll.There was 98% suppor... Read More
 Conservatives are united in their determination to fight the 2019 agenda of the Pelosi-led House of Representatives, according to a poll by The Conservative Caucus.The poll shows extremely strong opposition to Pelosi’s stated positions on key issues.Pelosi – border wall is “immoral, expensive... Read More
In a new video for The Daily Caller’s “Unfake the news” program, Vince Coglianese reveals multiple inaccuracies in CNN’s recent lawsuit against the White House after Jim Acosta’s press credentials were revoked.CNN mischaracterized Acosta’s questions to the president, failed to mention Acosta making... Read More
The Conservative Heritage Foundation launched a new service that tracks Trump’s judicial nominations and the confirmation of those nominees, as well as providing comparison to previous administrations.“The Judicial Appointment Tracker provides this data for six elements of the judicial appointment p... Read More
Salena Zito of the Washington Examiner writes that Ohio’s embrace of Republicans up and down the ballot sets the stage for 2020. “So we’re seeing that even a Republican not named Donald Trump is making inroads in places like Mahoning County. We're starting to see the battle lines for the 2020 presid... Read More
Since Dems took the House a week ago, President Trump has been facing pressure to cave on his historic tax cuts, with some advocating for raising the corporate tax rate from 21 to 25 percent. President Reagan once faced similar pressure to compromise on tax cuts. He refused and his determination pai... Read More


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