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American foreign policy will be another campaign promise fulfilled.
Rich Lowry reviews the accomplishments of President Trump's first year.  We should all be grateful.However, there is much more to be done in the remaining three years.
Trump got a lot done during his first year, though a lot remains to be done over the next three.
The text by Trump-hating FBI leader Peter Strzok raises the question of whether key personnel at the FBI began planning to frame him as early as the summer of 2016. Read More
The terrorist who struck yesterday in New York admits he did it on behalf of ISIS.
Last Friday's media fiasco shows how easy it is to fool the major liberal media into running a false story as long as it's anti-Trump. 
Bit by bit we are learning just how far the Obama administration was willing to go against Donald Trump. Read More
Even the Washington Post calls the Democrats liars for their claims about the tax bill. Read More
The deck is stacked against President Trump in the Mueller investigation.
Trump is making a difference on the Mexican border, but the wall is still needed to complete the job.


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