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By putting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, President Trump fulfilled a major campaign promise.
Democrats continue to cling to the myth of "collusion" but it's doubtful that Mueller has found any evidence to back them up.
In their desperate attempt to overturn the 2016 election, those responsible for enforcing the law have become political activists rather than impartial upholders of the law.
The Federal prosecutor looking into the FBI scandal has the same essential powers as a special counsel.
If he holds to this decision, Trump is now ready to kill DACA.
ObamaCare is bad for your health.
Marc Thiessen makes the argument for including the citizenship question on the census.
Liberals need to stop, take a deep breath, and look at what the president has accomplished. 
The Orange County Sheriff has figured out how to help ICE deport illegal aliens despite California's law to protect criminals from deportation. Read More
Orange County has joined the Trump administration lawsuit against California's sanctuary state laws.


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