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All Americans are enjoying the benefits of Trump's booming economy, including black Americans.
Rupert Darwall shows how President Trump is leading the way towards abundant energy despite fake warnings about climate change.  Elsewhere in the world, other governments are following his path toward pro-energy policies. Read More
TCC Chairman Peter Thomas sent this letter to the editor to newspapers across the United States.Dear editor:Some are claiming, in the wake of Ohio’s special election, that President Trump is being repudiated by the voters.  A closer look at the facts makes that doubtful.Since Trump’s inaugurati... Read More
Employers who break the law by knowingly hiring illegal aliens had it easy under Obama, but Trump is enforcing the law against them.  They will have to hire American workers now. Read More
James Gagliano dissects the foolishness of those who demand the abolition of ICE.  We need to enforce our immigration laws, not ignore them.
Some American intelligence officials agree that it's time to revoke the security clearances of James Clapper and John Brennan.
Adam White points out that Brett Kavanaugh, as a member of the D.C. Appeals Court, has already been having an influence on the Supreme Court.
President Trump is ready for a confrontation with Congress over securing the border and building the wall.  If Congress chooses to force a government shutdown, so be it.
Joe Crowley want to pay illegal aliens, using our tax dollars, for the "damage" done by catching, detaining, and deporting them.President Trump has the right idea.  Catch them all, deport them all.  We must not go back to the failed policy of catch and release. Read More
James Clapper has revealed that it was President Obama who was responsible for having US intelligence agencies target the Trump campaign.  Without his orders, the agencies would not have acted on such weak "evidence." Read More


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