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“Conservatives fear that extreme Democrats might actually abolish ICE and all immigration enforcement, but the lower courts are already systematically abolishing ICE’s authority,” Conservative Review writes.They are, “nullifying immigration enforcement statutes, violating separation of powers, and c... Read More
“President Donald Trump will submit his annual budget to Congress Monday for fiscal year 2020, which requests $8.6 billion in border wall funding and cuts domestic spending,” the Daily Caller reports.Pelosi and Schumer have threatened to shut down the government again over border wall funding.https:... Read More
“All during the fight over a border wall, we were told by the media and progressive commentators that the border is practically locked down because apprehensions are down from highs in the 2000s.” But, “Every indication is that the situation is going to get worse.”Recently, the New York Times report... Read More
“The Medicare for All plan that was announced a couple weeks by my Democrat colleagues, over 100 of them, really will result in care for none. That’s the bottom line,” one doctor said.“You can’t offer free care to everyone and expect anything but rationing to be the result,” he went on, “The costs a... Read More
“Wall, fence, barrier. It is absolutely critical,” Texas Representative Michael Burgess said on the Daily Signal podcast.Recently, President Trump declared a National Emergency to build the border wall and stop the influx of illegal immigrants over the Southern Border. Read More
After President Trump walked away from his meeting with North Korean leader Kim-Jung Un without an agreement, the mainstream media blamed him for what they labelled a “failure.”But Helen Raleigh writes at The Federalist that Trump, “walking away from a subpar deal was smart.” Read More
Speaker Pelosi is trying to downplay impeachment, knowing that it is not popular with voters.  However, the reality is different.Democrat Representative Jerry Nadler is demanding documents, “from more than 60 people related to President Trump and his businesses.” Nadler says these are necessary... Read More
“Rep. Jim Jordan…tore into the credibility of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, who was disbarred this week and will soon be entering federal prison,” Conservative Review reports.The Ohio Republican exposed Cohen for lashing out at Trump after being denied a White House job.“You didn’t get a job... Read More
As Democrats move farther Left, and the dangerous concept of Medicare-for-all becomes mainstream in the party, it is becoming clearer that they, “intend to make private health insurance a thing of the past as they move the country toward government-run health care.”Medicare-for-all wouldn’t provide... Read More
“How do you enact a massive new program, and then keep it from being repealed after it fails?” an article in Investor’s Business Daily asks, “It's simple. Just pull the numbers out of thin air. That's basically what happened with ObamaCare.” The supposedly nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office was... Read More


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