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Michelle Malkin describes her personal nightmare with ObamaCare.
Charles Krauthammer reviews the failure of Obama's liberalism. 
Obama believes he has found a loophole that allows unlimited Federal government subsidies for  insurance companies providing ObamaCare.  Republican leaders in Congress hope to find a way to stop him. Read More
Tennessee looks like it may be the first state in which ObamaCare totally collapses. 
Lanhee Chen points out that Bill Clinton correctly described ObamaCare's problems, but still does not understand what needs to replace it.
The bad news for ObamaCare keeps getting worse.
Leon Hadar points out that many Muslim immigrants have no intention of assimilating, and may even move in the opposite direction. 
David French points out the dangers of HIllary Clinton's endorsement of the "implicit bias" theory. 
The new FBI report confirms that violent crime, especially murder, is on the rise.  Why are liberals saying that we should reduce sentences, let people out of prison, and blame police? Read More
Obama and Clinton keep saying the border is secure.  Yet the government's own statistics say that illegal immigration from Central America is at record levels.  The liberal response is that we should "solve" the problem by allowing them to come in legally. Read More


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