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Drawing on lessons from Australia’s failed immigration policy, Tarric Brooker at The Federalist argues that letting the migrant caravan in will only lead to a still greater influx of illegal immigrants.“If Australia’s experience can teach U.S. policy makers anything, it is that when you open the doo... Read More
“If we don’t stop [President Trump] now,” liberal actor James Cromwell said, “then we will have a revolution for real.,” adding there will be, “blood in the streets,” if Democrats fail to take the House and Senate in November. Read More
Conservative columnist Hugh Hewitt makes the case that we would do well to avoid hasty assumptions as to who is responsible for acts of violence by the supporters of political figures. “The truth of course is that of the nearly 63 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump…there is an almost infin... Read More
California Democrat Representative Ted Lieu said in an interview that if Dems take the House, they will aggressively investigate President Trump. “There are a lot of things that we can do with our oversight responsibility,” he said.Maryland Democrat Elijah Cummings also said the House Oversight Comm... Read More
During a rally for Tennessee Republican senatorial candidate Marsha Blackburn, several Leftist hecklers had to be removed from the rally, one even interrupting a moment of silence for victims of the recent massacre at a synagogue that left 11 dead and 6 wounded.Blackburn said in a statement, “the li... Read More
Trump’s reform, according to The Daily Signal, “is particularly valuable for workers employed by small business owners who cannot afford to offer standard group health insurance” because of ObamaCare’s mandatory high premiums.The Treasury Department estimates that the reform will encourage employers... Read More
The GOP base is energized by the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation fight, a growing economy, and historic unemployment lows. Some Republicans now hope they can keep the House, after it seemed all but certain Democrats would achieve a Congressional majority, perhaps even taking the Senate. “Republicans sa... Read More
In a new tactic to get illegal immigrants into the country, human smugglers are attempting to overwhelm US Border Patrol Agents by their sheer numbers.An anonymous Border Patrol official called the situation, “concerning,” and Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Katie Waldman said, “Smuggler... Read More
In 1986–87, The Conservative Caucus Chairman Howard Phillips led the opposition to the US-Soviet Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (IMF) treaty, warning that a mere piece of paper would not restrain the Soviets. Now, some three decades later, President Donald Trump has committed the US to pulling ou... Read More
Neomi Rao, administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, said the administration’s, “reform efforts emphasize the rule of law, respect for the Constitution’s separation of powers, and the limits of agency authority.” The deregulations have saved $33 billion dollars.https://www.d... Read More


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