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Adam White points out that Brett Kavanaugh, as a member of the D.C. Appeals Court, has already been having an influence on the Supreme Court.
President Trump is ready for a confrontation with Congress over securing the border and building the wall.  If Congress chooses to force a government shutdown, so be it.
Joe Crowley want to pay illegal aliens, using our tax dollars, for the "damage" done by catching, detaining, and deporting them.President Trump has the right idea.  Catch them all, deport them all.  We must not go back to the failed policy of catch and release. Read More
James Clapper has revealed that it was President Obama who was responsible for having US intelligence agencies target the Trump campaign.  Without his orders, the agencies would not have acted on such weak "evidence." Read More
Byron York shows, paragraph by paragraph, how the recently released FISA justification demonstrates the accuracy of the claims in the Nunes memo.The Trump-hating Left had denounced the Nunes memo as a partisan document, but now we know that the FBI-DOJ scandal is real.https://www.washingtonexaminer.... Read More
John Solomon points out that the FBI kept going after Trump even though they knew it was not justified by any evidence.
The Conservative Caucus was among the organizations signing this letter in support of Brett Kavanaugh. July 18, 2018Washington, DC We strongly endorse the nomination of the Honorable Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States and urge the Senate to confirm him with haste.... Read More
The Left is accusing President Trump of treason.  That only shows that they have no idea what the Constitution says about treason.  No surprise there, since they have so little respect for the actual wording of the Constitution.And if Trump is guilty of treason, what about Franklin Rooseve... Read More
Rep. Devin Nunes points out many flaws in last week's indictment of Russian hackers, including the way it ignores their attempts to hack Republicans.Nunes has callled on President Trump to release the entire report of the House Intelligence Committee, without the FBI redactions, so that the American... Read More
John Kass of the Chicago Tribune praises the selection of Brett Kavanaugh.


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