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by Peter Thomas and Charles Orndorff             President Obama’s unprecedented usurpation of legislative authority requires immediate action to save the Constitution.  Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) has provided the proper remedy with his... Read More
Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post explains why Democrats running in 2014 are seriously threatened by their support for ObamaCare. 
Grass roots lobbying by groups such as The Conservative Caucus has forced House Republicans to oppose amnesty.  Speaker John Boehner recently confirmed this fact, complaining that he could not persuade members to vote for "immigration reform" (i.e. amnesty) because the vote would anger the vote... Read More
Even the Washington Post understands that Obama is hurting American by failing to promptly approve construction of the Keystone pipeline. 
Lanhee Chen and James Capretta of the Wall Street Journal point to one of the lesser-known ways in which ObamaCare threatens to reduce the quality of health care available through Medicare. 
Statement of Peter J. Thomas, Chairman of The Conservative Caucus “The court has decided correctly in regard to Michigan’s constitutional guarantee of racial equality, but has failed to provide a coherent and enduring interpretation of the U.S. Constitution concerning racial preferences.If a ma... Read More
John Podhoretz of the New York Post points out that Justice Scalia's opinion in the Michigan case was the one most in line with the US Constitution.
Do millions of sign-ups prove the "success" of ObamaCare?  Scott Atlas warns of what lies ahead -- "unconscionable waits for care, overt restrictions on access to tests, drugs, and treatments, worse treatment outcomes".Read more: Read More
Jay Cost of the Weekly Standard sums up why conservatives (and many others) oppose ObamaCare.
Jeffrey Anderson of the Weekly Standard reminds us why ObamaCare must be repealed, no matter how often Obama and his allies declare victory.


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