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Katy O'Donnell of Roll Call discusses the options of the House of Representatives as it deals with the Lois Lerner contempt case. Read More
Rep. Trey Gowdy, Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, explains why further investigation is needed.
Sean Davis points out that scientists promoting the idea of global warming have failed to prove their case.  Perhaps that is why today's Washington Post quotes one environmentalist saying that President Obama's energy policy "basically assumes the climate science doesn't exist or it's not true.... Read More
David Morgan of Reuters warns that there are more problems already in the pipeline for ObamaCare.
Jonathan Tobin points out that the Founders "did not intend the First Amendment to be used as a shield to prevent Americans from any contact with religion. To the contrary, they saw faith as having an important role in preserving a democratic nation and a civil society."http://www.commentarymagazine... Read More
Sean Trende provides a needed correction to the anti-Tea Party conventional wisdom. 
Jennifer Rubin, whose Washington Post column is often devoted to excommunicating conservatives from the Republican Party, actually wrote a conservative column explaining that there are important unanswered questions concerning the Benghazi massacre. Read More
Kenneth Timmerman of the New York Post predicts more important revelations from the Benghazi investigation, and explains why Hillary Clinton is especially at risk.
The most important fact in the new Pew Research Center poll is buried about midway in the story."Thinking about the next presidential election, 65% would like to see the next president offer different policies and programs from the Obama administration while 30% want Obama’s successor to offer simil... Read More
Candidates for Congress are being asked to formally pledge that they will not support amnesty for illegal aliens. 


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