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Betsy McCaughey analyzes what's being said about ObamaCare, and recommends one way to proceed with repeal.
Fred Barnes discusses the coming repeal of ObamaCare.
The Trump administration appears ready to take on sanctuary cities. 
The war on police continues, with unprovoked attacks on police officers in St. Louis and San Antonio.'ambush'-attack,-chief-says?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=AP Read More
Justice Alito discussed the threat to basic human liberties if the Supreme Court takes a left turn. Read More
President Trump will move quickly on his agenda, including tax reform and the repeal of ObamaCare.  Obama's illegal executive actions will also be revoked.
It appears that Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama is  Trump's pick for Attorney General.  He is well qualified for the position.  His respect for the Constitution and the Law was demonstrated when he led the opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens. 
Some Republicans in Congress are already putting up resistence to term limits, and are also talking about bringing back earmarks.  Only grass roots pressure will turn them around.
Republicans are finding that attempts at a "moderate" version of repealing ObamaCare have problems of their own.  Will Republicans keep their promise, or cave in to the liberals?  If they cannot agree on a replacement, just repeal it! Read More
Democratic-controlled city governments are pledging to do what they can to nullify Federal immigration laws. Read More


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